Eliminate the yellow looks of teeth with a banana peel!

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 28 Aug 2019

The yellow teeth are a little embarrassing. But we have to eat food every day, it make stain on our teeth and it is very natural. The yellowish teeth is not beloved by all. So we have to whitening our teeth .

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Do not worry about this. This is very easy to remove yellow stain from teeth. You just need a banana peel for that. Surprising right? But it is true. Let's know How?

Usually we throw away the peel after eating banana. But today don't throw it away. This peel of banana
whitening your teeth and can bring surprises.
At first choose a banana which is not so rip or raw. A little greenish banana peel
Perfect for the job.

First eat the banana, and cut a little part of the peel. You can store the rest of the peel in refrigerator.
Cut the small part in quadrants. Now rub the banana peel on upper level of the teeth for 1
Minute. And rub the bottom side for 1 minute well. Then brush your teeth with own toothpaste. Now
Look the Magic. Your teethes are looking more white than ever.
Wondering why? Basically banana peels potassium,
Manganese and magnesium helps to whitening teeth. Regular
Use will get better results.
People whose teeth are much yellow
May take a little longer time. However do not use the method regularly.
It can cause tooth damage.
Use it certain times.

Thanks to all. Stay tuned for more updates.

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