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This Week Was a Fail. Crypto Earning Challenge Week 3 Update

By Sara Spa | Daily Life | 20 Aug 2020

I learned something today. I will never again write an article only in Publish0x editor. This week is definitely Fail Week as I have already written this article once and then simply closed the tab by mistake. I guess we underestimate all the autosaves that many document editors do regularly in the background. So from now on, I will be using one of those to write my articles first. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled program…

Few weeks ago, I challenged myself to earn $10 worth of each of the top 10 cryptos in 10 months. Here’s how it’s been so far:

Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2

This week has been tough. 

Fail Week?

Fail Week Illustration

This week, I have cashed out the following amounts:

Yes, you heard it right! A whooping 3 cents of earnings. At this rate I will complete a challenge in 10 years. Maybe…

I had a major setback with Coinpot on Monday. I wanted to use my free lottery tickets for the day and I accidentally bought over 2000 normal tickets with my Coinpot Tokens… Needles to say, I didn't win the lottery and the tokens were wasted. I had to collect enough tokens to run the multiplier consistently again. Luckily I got there soon with faucets and by converting some of my earnings to Coinpot Tokens. For those who don’t use Coinpot, 2000 tokens is worth almost $0.20. 

Because of this brainfreeze moment I didn't manage to get enough BTC for Coinpot withdrawal in time. I currently stand at 0.00008550 BTC (approx. $1.0), so next week is withdrawal week for sure. I used BitFun, Bonus Bitcoin, Moon Bitcoin, Moon Doge, Moon Dash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Bitcoin Cash and Coinpot multiplier to earn those.

On the Bright Side

On the Bright side illustration

I have to thank the Free Bitcoin Cash app for coming through with withdrawals for two weeks straight. If you have an Android phone, I highly recommend it. Earnings have been a bit slower this week since there was a period of a few days with not so many ads to watch. Ads make earnings here much faster so I really miss them which is a weird thing. I did manage to get 1000 BCH satoshi from a quiz in the app offerwall so that helped. I also installed Free Litecoin which works in the same way and hopefully it will be an easy and fun way to earn.

Besides the withdrawal of BCH which I mentioned in the beginning, these are my balances in these two apps:

I know it might not look like much but I am very happy with these two apps. I earned more than 10 cents through them and most of it is withdrawn in my personal wallet. This is already much better than most other faucets I used.

The other constant earner for me is FireFaucet with now 0.00269211 ETH (approx. $1.10). This week I have realized two things about this faucet:

  1. The shortlinks are REALLY worth it. In the beginning of using this platform I didn’t really pay attention to shortlinks since I find them annoying. However, I have realized that besides giving out autoclaim points, they give a lot of activity points which are very important. With activity points you level up and for each level you are rewarded with a small amount of BTC. Also, there are daily rewards for completing a certain amount of shortlinks (called “Tasks”). If you finish 35 shortlinks in a day the reward includes 50 BTC satoshi. Not bad. So now I try to reach this goal everyday, and the good thing is that I can complete most shortlinks with Brave Shields up (shhh, don't tell anyone).
  2. The withdrawal minimum for Ethereum is MUCH HIGHER than other cryptos. Like three times higher. It has increased gradually and I assume it is because of high blockchain fees everyone is talking about. Right now it sits at 0.02 ETH which is around $8 currently. I am reconsidering my decision to withdraw Ethereum from this platform and I’m thinking maybe I should convert my earnings to BTC or some other crypto for withdrawal. There is a 3% fee for this exchange so I’m not sure if it’s worth it. 

In Publish0x tips I have gathered 0.00063003 ETH (approx. $0.26). Big thanks goes out to everyone who tips me, your contribution to this challenge is appreciated!

In Other News…

Person Reading Newspaper

I know last week I said I will focus more on Hive Work, NomadTask, Banano Jobs and other active earning platforms. In Hive Work, I was still a bit lazy this week and I have earned a total of $1.03. I was really hoping that I will earn more here since I have already had two successful withdrawals from this platform prior to this challenge, but it seems that I am just not getting the right tasks lately. Also, I didn’t do any Banano Jobs. Shame.

Regarding NomadTask, usually I counted my earned balance towards Ethereum earnings, but now they added Ripple as a withdrawal option as well and with a very low blockchain fee. Now there are 4 options for withdrawal: their own HUNT token, Ethereum, Ripple and in-app coupons. I will be waiting to earn a little bit more before I make any decisions on what to withdraw since fees are quite high. I am checking tasks daily but sometimes they disappear or get fulfilled quickly and I wish there were more publishers (they call them "Makers") on this platform since it is very user-friendly. Tasks are usually about sign-ups, installing apps and leaving reviews or checking out a product. This week I increased my balance to $1.05 - about enough to cover fees for a future withdrawal.

Talking about Ripple, I still claim CoinFaucet occasionally and have 0.04696954 XRP (approx. $0.01). Btw, thanks to that one person who used my referral link for CoinFaucet, your contribution is highly appreciated!

In a recent post by a fellow Publish0x author walkonwayvs, I found out about Litecoin Miner which is a completely passive way to earn Litecoin. I was a bit unsure of how this one works, but it seems that you can get a lot of free Litecoin here but you can only withdraw small amounts each day. So far I had one successful withdrawal of 0.00010000 LTC (approx. $0.006) and another one is pending. It might be worth it in the end, we’ll see. If anyone knows if lager withdrawal amounts are possible with the free account, please let me know.

I also registered for Qoin Pro which apparently gives out free crypto passively. I don’t quite understand how this one works. We’ll see how it goes.


Total value of crypto secured: ~$1.28

Waiting for withdrawal: ~$3.45

TOTAL: ~$4.73

Thanks for sticking around to read about my Fail Week. Do you think I will ever complete this challenge? Leave me some thoughts in the comments!


All conversions from crypto to USD done according to prices at the time of writing this article (14th August 2020) from CoinGecko.

Some links in my article are refferal links. If you find something you are curious about, I would appreciate it if you decide to use my link.

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