Earning $100 in crypto Week 4 update

I won a jackpot!!! Crypto Earning Challenge Week 4 Update

By Sara Spa | Daily Life | 27 Aug 2020

We are one month into the challenge! It started officially on 29th of July and updates have been coming out every week. I’m proud of myself for that. You can check out all my previous articles using these links:

Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3

Good news


Earnings withdrawn to my wallet this week: 

As the title says, I won a jackpot this week! This was completely unexpected. It’s not a big jackpot, I won 0.001 LTC from Free Litecoin Android application. Needless to say I was very, very excited, not because of the cash but because I have never won any kind of jackpot or prize before. But here I am to confirm that you can actually win the big prize sometimes, so keep playing!


Fire Faucet on FIRE


This week I focused a lot of Fire Faucet and I have made an experiment to see how much I could earn in 1 hour of activity on this platform. Read about it here. It turned out to be around $0.06 - not great, not terrible. I have been focusing a little bit more on offerwalls on this website and they do have some good ones which are available globally. Also, I’ve been taking advantage of their tasks list which gives out 200 BTC satoshi for completing all the daily tasks.

Right now, my balances in Fire Faucet are:

  • 0.00000524 BTC (≈$0.11)
  • 0.00382882 ETH (≈$1.47)

Change… is good.

Change is good illustration

When I started this challenge I planned on focusing on top 10 cryptos by market cap on the day of the challenge start. I've noticed that this list has changed significantly and also I didn't really want to have some of those cryptos from the list. I've decided to make a new list for my challenge which will be based on the initial top 10 but with a few tweaks. This is what I’m thinking about: 

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. USDT 
  4. Ripple 
  5. ChainLink
  6. Bitcoin Cash
  7. Litecoin
  8. Ada
  9. BNB
  10. Tezos or Tron - I’m not sure yet about this one, what do you think?

I will try to get $10 dollars for free for each of those 10 from the list, in total $100.

Another thing I implemented from this week is a daily tasks list which I maintain using Google Sheets. This makes it much easier for me to track every faucet and earning platform I use and helps me focus my time on where it is needed. I’ve organized it so that the things which are done only once daily are on the top of the list and things which I can do repeatedly during the day are further down. This way, when I am finished with simple daily tasks I can keep them off my mind.

Daily Tasks Overview

If you would like to do something similar, you can download my template from this link and make a copy for yourself.

Stats for Nerds

Funny dog with glasses

Besides the amounts which I mentioned in the beginning, these are all my other earnings:

  • 0.15369727 TRX (≈$0.01) in Free Tron which I joined after reading an article by my fellow Publish0x author PVMihalache who tested it for seven days and determined that it should take less than 3 weeks for reaching the withdrawal limit with this faucet. He claimed 2-3 times a day so I reckon that with more claiming I should get there sooner. 
  • 0.06217500 XRP (≈$0.01) in CoinFaucet 
  • 0.00000931 BTC (≈$0.10) in Coinpot
  • 1.61772242 BAT (≈$0.53) in Publish0x
  • 2.13053670 LRC (≈$0.39) in Publish0x
  • 0.00096210 ETH (≈$0.36) in Publish0x
  • 0.00024588 LTC (≈$0.01) in Free Litecoin
  • 0.00005584 BCH (≈$0.01) in Free Bitcoin Cash

As I’ve decided that Binance Coin will definitely be on my Top 10 list, I have a couple of different faucets which I claim with the intent of converting these earnings to BNB through Binance. I already have 0.01052634 BNB (≈$0.23) in my Binance wallet and in addition to that I will add earnings from Horizen Faucet and Blox Jump which are currently at 0.11315 ZEN (≈$0.93). In the comments of my previous weekly update I got a lot of great advice for earnings and I’ve decided to check out PipeFlare and Global Hive based on the recommendation from Publish0x user Byzantius. I was very happy to see that I can use these earnings for my BNB and I’ve collected almost $0.02 in ZEC and PIVX so far from these faucets. Also, I will probably use earnings from other cryptos such as Banano and Nano. More on that in future updates!

I’ve been very lucky this week with NomadTask where I’ve managed to earn $2.93 by completing different microtasks. Also, my Hive Work balance increased to $1.23.


Total value of crypto secured: ≈$2.58

Waiting for withdrawal: ≈$8.34

TOTAL: ≈$10.92

So, one month in and over $10 of earnings. It's seems to be the perfect amount for completion of the challenge in time. However, I must admit that I would prefer it if it were $10 in my wallet and not just potential earnings. You never know what can happen with those and also what fees might be deducted upon withdrawal. Also, I've included in the sum some earnings which I don't usually put here such as ZEN and BAT. I really wanted to see the $10 in the TOTAL summary, so blame me if you want. I hope the challenge will be going faster from now on. As always, I appreciate your comments so feel free to share with me your feedback and advice!


All earning balances are concluded on Wednesday midnight.

Conversions from crypto to USD done according to prices at the time of writing this article at CoinGecko.

Some links in my article are refferal links. If you find something you are curious about, I would appreciate it if you decide to use my link.

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