Earning $100 in Crypto Challenge Update

How much do I earn in a week? Crypto Earning Challenge Week 5 Update

By Sara Spa | Daily Life | 3 Sep 2020

Five weeks ago I started a challenge to earn $10 in 10 different cryptocurrencies. Check out my progress:

Challenge | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 5

Just a normal week of earning


There haven’t been many interesting things this week. After some restructuring I did last week and as I’ve been using my (now updated) earning template I got into the routine of completing my daily tasks without much hustle.

One big change to my earnings has been the “nerfing” of Coinpot multiplier trick. I’ve lost so many coins trying to reach the challenges and I’ve given up finally. I will only use the faucets (BitFun, Bonus Bitcoin, Moon Bitcoin, Moon Doge, Moon Dash, Moon Litecoin, Moon Bitcoin Cash) from now on. I know this will diminish my earning rate but hey, it’s been good while it lasted.

Some good news from this week is that  Litecoin Miner has increased their maximum withdrawal from 0.0001 LTC to 0.0003 LTC. Also, I’ve been very successful with NomadTask and I’m past the withdrawal minimum of $5. However, I will wait a little bit more before I initiate a withdrawal since they do have an XRP as an option for withdrawal and I’m thinking that I can get all $10 withdrawn at once in Ripple.

Earnings overview


To make my reports simpler for me, I will maybe change up my format in which I record my balances. I like to take a look back on the previous weeks and see how much progress did I really earn in one week, but I’m not still sure what is the best way to present this fact.

Anyways, my current balances after 5 weeks of earnings are:

In my wallet (secured crypto):

TOTAL: ≈$2.68 (+$0.10 compared to previous week)

Waiting for withdrawal:

  • 0.00002066 BTC (≈$0.22) from Coinpot
  • 0.00003266 BTC (≈$0.35) from Fire Faucet 
  • 0.00397952 ETH (≈$1.60) from Fire Faucet 
  • 0.08479969 XRP (≈$0.02) from CoinFaucet 
  • 0.60224935  TRX (≈$0.02) from Free Tron

  • 1.72596030BAT (≈$0.48) from Publish0x
  • 2.42171528  LRC (≈$0.56) from Publish0x
  • 0.00126504 ETH (≈$0.51) from Publish0x




TOTAL: ≈$11.85 (increase of $3.51 compared to previous week)

So, in summary, I earned about $3.61 in a week. My numbers have been hit slightly by decreasing crypto prices currently, however that’s the risk I must accept when playing with crypto. Until next Thursday!


All earning balances are concluded on Wednesday midnight.

Conversions from crypto to USD done according to prices at the time of writing this article at CoinGecko.

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