Week 2 Update - Earning $100 in cryptocurrencies

First withdrawals are in! Crypto Earning Challenge Week 2 Update

By Sara Spa | Daily Life | 14 Aug 2020

Two weeks ago, I set a challenge for myself - earn $10 worth of each of the top 10 cryptocurrencies (by market cap) in 10 months. To learn more about what my goals for this challenge are you can read my original post or check out how I started in Week 1 update.

In this week, I pretty much continued the strategy from Week 1 and I am happy to announce that I have had my first withdrawals this week!

First Results

First withdrawals are in

In this week, I have cashed out the following amounts:

I am withdraw to Nexo at the moment so along with my earnings I will enjoy the compounding interest on my balance. This should also help a little bit in reaching the goal quicker. Not all of my goal cryptos are supported in Nexo unfortunately so I will choose another wallet for those which are not.

In addition to these earnings which I withdrew I have had some additional earnings my balances on earning platforms I use currently are:


  • Coinpot: 0.00005195 BTC (approx. $0.61) - I converted all the earnings from faucets to Bitcoin
  • Hive Work: $0.69 - still working towards that $2.00 withdrawal minimum.

Regarding RollerCoin which I mentioned I have some BTC earnings in, I have decided to buy another miner using my earned balance since they have a 65% clearance sale running currently. Also, I have quit using Cointiply since for some reason their earning model does not appeal to me at all.


Ethereum is now integrated as a tipping token for Publish0x so I am glad that I will have another source of Ethereum.


Bitcoin Cash

Next Week Plans

Next Week Plans illustration

This week unfortunately I was again not as successful as I would have liked, mainly since I was on holiday for three days and very sick after I came back so I didn't have much time to spend on earning. Next week I will try to reach the $2.0 withdrawal mark for Hive Work and also focus more on some other earning platforms such as NomadTask, Banano Jobs and so on. I did enter the Banano LBRY giveaway, which might still be running while you are reading this so don't forget to check it out!

I will continue my daily earning routine which consists of claiming Coinpot faucets and running the multiplier, running the FireFaucet auto-faucet and claiming their PTC ads and hourly claims of CoinFaucet and Free Bitcoin Cash. I find this combination to be very easy to do and not taking up much of my time and hopefully it will produce results. I also have several other coins which I earn regularly (such as ZEN from Horizen Faucet) but I will talk more about them once I decide to convert them to the cryptos from my challenge list.


Total value of crypto secured: ~$1.23

Waiting for withdrawal: ~$2.45

TOTAL: ~$3.68

So, what do you think about my goals? Let me know in the comments if you have any advice for earning faster!


All conversions from crypto to USD done according to prices at the time of writing this article (14th August 2020) from CoinGecko.

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