Earning $100 in Crypto - Crypto Earning Challenge

Crypto Earning Challenge - Plans and starting out (Week 1 update)

By Sara Spa | Daily Life | 5 Aug 2020

Last week I gave myself a task - earn $10 worth of each of the top 10 cryptocurrencies (by market cap) in 10 months. Read more about the challenge and the rules in my original post: $10 of Top 10 - Crypto Earning Challenge.

Starting out

Starting out illustration

Firstly I want to talk about my starting balance in cryptocurrencies which I plan to earn during this period. These are all my earnings from before starting the challenge which are under $1.


  • Coinpot wallet: 0.00001795 BTC (approx. $0.20)
  • Rollercoin: 0.00001605 BTC (approx. $0.18)


Bitcoin Cash


Binance Coin

  • Binance: 0.00919988 (approx. $0.18)

The other coins (Ripple, Tether, Cardano, Bitcoin SV, Crypto.com Coin) I did not own at the start of the challenge. However, I do have some other earnings which I will use during this challenge by converting them into one of the Top 10 as needed.

These are:

Horizen (ZEN) - At the start of the challenge I had 0.04422 ZEN (~$0.36) from using the Horizen Faucet and playing Blox Jump in my free time.

Loopring (LRC) - I have 1.3771 LRC (~$0.15) waiting for withdrawal in my Publish0x account. Once I reach enough for withdrawal I will convert to whichever crypto I need at that point.

Banano (BAN) and Nano (NANO) - I am a big fan on both of these cryptocurrencies and I love participating and sharing crypto among the community. It will be very difficult for me to part with any that I receive in the next few months but it will help a lot with the challenge.

Doge (DOGE) and Dash (DASH) - Since I'm using all of the Coinpot faucets, I earn a tiny bit of crypto from Moon Doge and Moon Dash. Right now I have just a couple of cents since I've been converting them constantly to Bitcoin but in the future I will use these earnings for Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as well.

The plan

The Plan Illustration


As mentioned in my initial post about this challenge, I plan to focus on one cryptocurrency at a time, starting from Bitcoin all the way down to BNB. However, I feel that I will be incorporating a couple of earning methods for different cryptocurrencies at the same time and try to keep my focus on completing the challenge top to bottom. I also mentioned that I will be converting between cryptos, so once I complete the challenge for Bitcoin, for example, all the future earnings of BTC will be used towards reaching the $10 goal for other cryptos. 

Bitcoin is the first focus of my earnings and something that I feel most comfortable with. I plan to focus on Coinpot facuets (BitFun, Bonus Bitcoin, Moon Bitcoin) as well as the Coinpot multiplier. Another verified method of earning will be Hive Work with which I know I can earn at least a couple of dollars. Also, while earning Bitcoin, I will be running the FireFaucet auto-faucet for Ethereum and also claim a couple of minor faucets and fun things in the meantime. I hope to reach the $10 in Bitcoin much sooner than one month which will give me more time to focus on other cryptos in the future. Also, during this period I will research a little bit about earning methods for other cryptocurrencies from my list.

First steps

First steps illustration

This is the breakdown of my earnings in the first week of the challenge (including the starting balance). I feel it is not my maximum output since I've been travelling and away from computer a lot, but I am still happy do be making progress.

Coinpot is my favorite earning method and I usually claim all the faucets 2-3 times a day. I also use the Coinpot multiplier method for earning described here. I convert Coinpot Tokens to Bitcoin at the moment. At the end of the first week of earning these are my balances: 0.00009026 BTC (approx. $1.05), 0.00003025 BCH (less than $0.01), 5.47812132 DOGE (approx. $0.02), 0.00026560 LTC (approx. $0.02) and 0.00006162 DASH (less than $0.01). 

My other significant earnings in Bitcoin are from Hive Work where I worked a little bit and got $0.36.

From FireFaucet, I earned in total 0.00200317 ETH (approx. $0.79). I earn from PTC ads, faucet and daily rewards. Also, any level-up rewards which I earn in BTC I convert to Ethereum.

I also started researching Ripple and registered with CoinFaucet. It seems that this faucet doesn't pay much and the minimum withdrawal is 1 XRP. However, it does not require any captchas to solve and this makes it super easy to claim. I will probably use it since I don't have any other means of earning Ripple and with casual claiming I earned 0.01338174 XRP so far (approx. $0.004).  

For a long time I've been hearing about Cointiply faucet and it's many earning opportunities and I have decided it is a great time to try it. I did have an account from a few months ago but I never really used it much. I gave it a go for a couple of days and claimed the faucet and PTC ads but I've found that it is not really easy to earn without doing the offerwalls. As I'm not too fond of this and in my region we don't get a lot of opportunities for earning with surveys and offerwalls, I think I will not be using Cointiply in the future. I have 0.00000332 BTC (approx. $0.0388) currently earned in Cointiply. 

However, I did come across an interesting opportunity through Cointiply PTC ads. It is the Free Bitcoin Cash Android app which I decided to try out. I usually don't pay attention too much on PTC ads but this app is by Bitcoin Aliens which I've heard about before. I've also noticed that they have a Free Litecoin app as well which might come in handy in the future. My earnings from this app are currently 0.00006747 BCH (approx. $0.02) which I think is good considering I did not put too much effort in it and claimed only few times a day. 

I have other earnings in cryptocurrencies different from my chosen 10 but I will talk about them in future updates once they are a bit more significant.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts Illustration

That was the summary of my plan for earning and the progress of the first week. In total, I think I earned 2-3 dollars this week. It's been a bit slow since I didn't have a lot of time to focus on this challenge so I hope my progress in the future will be faster. Also, I'm looking to expand my knowledge about earning platforms for different cryptocurrencies so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. Stay tuned for more weekly updates!


All conversions from crypto to USD done according to prices at the time of writing this article (5th August 2020) from CoinGecko.

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