Upcoming TV series on Bitfinex Hack and BTC Laundering Scheme !

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As I am used to write it: "There is never a dull day in the CryptoVerse".

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Today is no different. During the past week we had the news about the recovery of most of the Bitfinex Hack's funds and the placement of 2 individuals in custody for money laundering.

First, I think this is a great story for the general public to understand how hacking takes place and how some criminals took advantage of this.

Nevertheless, it also shows how easy it was for the law enforcement to trace these funds when they finally got a hint and could access them years later ! Not so easy with cash...


Who will make this movie?

  • The makers of "Tiger King" and the Fyre Festival documentary "FYRE" are tagged to produce.
  • It seems it will be aired on Netflix

They have done a good job for their 2 previous documentaries, so I would trust they will make something quite entertaining.

Netflix is surfing the hype on Cryptocurrency Drama

Last year, it announced the release of a new film set for 2022, “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,”

This is about the QuadrigaCX exchange, whose founder Gerald Cotten suddenly died while controlling the keys to users' wallets, leaving millions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost.

It came back into the news as the CoFunder of this exchange called 0xSifu (Michael Patryn) was seen working with prominent DeFi Developers such as Daniele and Andre Cronje.


In our current world, any publicity is good!

Surely I do not like it but it is the case so why not ! And who knows, this might become a hit and a really enjoyable piece to watch.

Superbowl is tomorrow and we should also have some mass media/content exposure for the CryptoWorld ! I expect a lot of cool ads and marketing stunts from our beloved Crypto Industry.

Stay safe out there,

Source Bitfinex Hack and Bitcoin Laundering Scheme Coming to Netflix

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