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Hello friends, a few days ago Bitgert Exchange was holding a massive event, namely an Airdrop Coin $BRISE.


Image 1, Bitgert Logo

The airdrop is named "Bitgert Mass Airdrop - Season 1". From the news that this Airdrop will be held for a month, starting from 20 Jan 2023 to 20 Feb 2023. From what is stated in their event, they provide prizes with a total of 100000 $ BRISE.


Image 2, Bitgert Airdrop Banner

Besides that they also provide some good things when participating in this event with several steps, namely:

  • 1. Participate in the Airdrop and complete all tasks.
  • 2. Claim and HOLD your $BRISE coin
  • 3. STAKE on $BRISE coin and you will be paid with $BUSD coin.

In the event there are 5 tasks, please complete the first 4 tasks and the 5th task as a bonus for inviting friends. Here are the tasks!


Image 3, Airdrop Task.

  • 1. Following Bitgert's Twitter Account
  • 2. Retweet and Tag at least 3 of your friends.
  • 3. Join the Bitgert Group which is on Telegram.
  • 4. Then, enter the address $BRISE (BRC-20). You can find this address on the Bitgert Exchange web page. Click here to sign up.
  • 5. Bonus Task: Invite your friends with a referral link.

So many simple tasks that you can do easily. The Airdrop link is below, so please participate because it's free. OK. That's all. Bye

Below is the link needed for this Airdrop.

  • Twitter Link : here
  • Telegram Group Link : here
  • Link Airdrop : here
    Link Register Bitgert Exchange : here

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