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Tartufini handmadeBest product of assortiment..Our pastry chefsPHILOSOPHY:
Seeking refinement and authenticity for over thirty years, we have been producing delicious artisan ice cream since 1984, using only top-quality ingredients. The secret behind the delicious and unmistakeable taste of our delicacies is in the selection of excellent ingredients, hand-made artisan methods and the respect we have for the wealth of traditions, stories and people who got us to where we are today.

Our delicious products are entirely hand-made because we know that only time and the expert hands of our confectioners can produce the excellent results we strive to achieve. This is why we carefully select the ingredients and then, work them to obtain a full and unique flavour.

First the warm, afternoon light. Then the chirping of crickets and a light breeze blowing through the branches of the giant salt-laden pine trees. And finally, the sea that laps around Castiglioncello’s promontory.This is where our story began. Here Toni founded Dai Dai.

And this is where we chose to stay and continue his work, gazing towards the distant horizon of the open sea.In the late 1920s, the ice cream man crossed town with his cart pulled by his donkey, Dorotea, along the gravel alleyways and through Castiglioncello’s pinewood, offering his chocolate-covered cream cassatine, which he kept cold in ice and salt. The heat of the summer afternoons could take its toll on Dorotea, who at times needed a bit of encouragement: “Come on! Come on!”, or as we say in Italian “Dai! Dai!” and then the journey could continue. And that is how “Dai! Dai!” became the name everyone associated with those delicious cassatine. Then came the dark years of the war that swept away the good times and changed everyone’s life for good.

In 1984, Toni opened his first confectionery workshop in a basement in Casale Marittimo, a small town near Castiglioncello. Years of hard work followed as he dedicated himself to creating new recipes, seeking out important customers, fine tuning the production process, performed entirely by hand. This is how our Gelateria Artigiana Dai Dai came about and took its first, important steps.

Today, Dai Dai sells millions of its delicious ice-cream delicacies: not just the cassatina, butbocconcini, mattonelle and other specialities. Always true to its history and its artisanal vocation.

Thanks for your attention, I hope you enjoyed this presentation, and I hope I left you a little with your mouth water !!!

Dai Dai since 1984

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Crypto coffe & others
Crypto coffe & others

I am a 33 year old Tuscan entrepreneur in the food sector, and a great enthusiast for blockchain and cryptocurrency...

DAI DAI, www.gelateriadaidai.it , https://www.face
DAI DAI, www.gelateriadaidai.it , https://www.face

The best genuine and historic Tuscan ice cream shop in front of the sea. The our website: www.gelateriadaidai.it Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gelateriadaidai1984/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/bocconcino_dai_dai?igshid=1dxllhc45ucy2

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