Daemonic Updates: September 2022

By 0xSwego | Daemons | 28 Sep 2022

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We are barred into the forest hut. It is cold and the snow is piling up outside, but something about this place gives us a sense of safety and we allow ourselves to relax for a moment. Suddenly, this moment of peace and quiet is no more. Something is violently scratching on the door, trying to barge into our safe haven. This is the sound of bears, now running amok amidst the harsh crypto winter. Clinging to whatever you saved up for these difficult times, all we can do is close our eyes and pray they go away, that the door will hodl, lest the bears intrude and ravage everything. Is that really all we can do though?

The winter seems hard and unending. The weather forecast has long been showing anything but sunny days ahead. Alas, there is a positive side to all this. Being locked inside makes it the perfect time to buidl, acquire knowledge and prepare for the better days ahead. This is exactly what Daemons has been doing.

Welcome to this monthly meeting, where we discuss and keep you in the loop with the latest developments from Daemons.


Devilish Pacts

Daemons Contracts

  • Huge improvements are on the way! We are implementing the LayerZero framework to the DAEM token and the Treasury. This will allow transferring tokens from one chain to the other, without the need of using bridges and with deficient fees. We are in the testing phase and the platform will soon go live with this functionality.
  • Safer contract permissions updates. Using Daemons does not mean you have to make a deal with the devil. Every critical contract command will be executable only by a multi-sig wallet, controlled by multiple team members.
  • Reduced number of RPC calls to fetch dApp info. Now, most of the info is fetched in a single call, making the dApp faster and more reactive.
  • Auditing will be happening in the coming months, so we’ve spent some time polishing and prepping the smart contracts.

Daemons UI

  • We’ve added a page for swapping DAEM tokens, paired with the native chain coin. This will facilitate trading DAEM, but will not split liquidity, since the LP used by the treasury and the main DEX of the chain will be the same. 
  • The icon of the GasTank will change its color and display a message whenever the amount of ETH is low. 
    Remember: when you run out of gas in the GasTank, your scripts cannot be executed anymore.
  • Improved the token selector modal. It will now show the token address and a button to add the token to MetaMask.


  • The Executor, our second dApp, has been released. This dApp is a lightweight Daemons node that allows you to check and execute hundreds of scripts per minute. A few executor nodes will exponentially increase the script throughput, making our platform more powerful and efficient. This is the next step toward a decentralized bot service is what Daemons is truly built for!
  • Immediately after launching, we listened to the users’ feedback and increased customizability and stability.


  • We will be launching a $2000 DAEM giveaway for our community in the next days. Subscribe to make sure you won’t miss it.


This is all for this month, see you in October!

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Daemons is a DeFi platform that allows anyone to script operations on the blockchain and have them executed when the conditions become true. With Daemons you can create automated DCAs, degenboxes, be safe from liquidations, administrate your investments, in no time!

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