A Stroll Through The Daemons

By 0xSwego | Daemons | 21 Sep 2022

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If you are already familiar with our platform, you can happily skip this article. If you haven’t had the chance to use it yet, and you want to understand a bit more about it, this is something you will not want to miss!

We’ll go through each page of the dApp and explain it’s functions and their possible applications. Let’s start!




The Dashboard page shows the platform’s growth and usage over time. You can see how many scripts have been added, how many users are active on the platform, and the number of daily transactions triggered by Daemons’ executors.

On the top left, you can see some stats regarding the treasury, such as the APY paid in ETH that staking DAEM offers, the amount of ETH in the treasury to be distributed to the users, and the liquidity owned by the treasury and its composition.


My Page


My Page is the place to go if you want to see your current situation as Script Owner.

Here you can have an overview of your currently active scripts, you can revoke them, in case you don’t want them to be executable anymore, or even execute them yourself.

To run scripts, you will need to have some ETH on the Gas Tank. This is the place to check the Gas Tank balance and fill it up if necessary. The execution cost of each script is reported on the script itself.

Optionally, you can also offer a DAEM tip to the executors running your scripts. This ensures your script will have higher priority and might be useful for life-saving scripts. The DAEM paid as tips are taken from the TipJar, which works in an analogous way to the Gas Tank and can be topped up (or withdrawn from) on this page.




The executor page is where you can administrate your Executor business.

An executor runs other users’ scripts. It can be done via this page, or, if you are serious about it, by starting an executor node.

The left panel shows you a slice of all scripts of the platform. You can see how much their execution will reward and run them yourself with a click of a button. Each time you run some scripts, you’ll instantly receive some DAEM tokens as a reward.

The rewarded DAEM tokens can be claimed from the right side of the page. At that point, you can decide if you want to stake them in the treasury to access the platform’s profits (the APY you will receive is paid in ETH, and it is specified right there) or swap them.




Daemons is based on the duality of script owners and script executors. You can own scripts, and also execute other users’ scripts for rewards. The rewarded DAEM, between other use cases, can be used as tips, to incentivize the execution of the script you deployed.

This page is split in two. On the left-hand side, you can see the transactions involving your scripts, which have been executed by other users. For each script, you will find the script description and type, the date, a link to the transaction in the explorer, and how much you spent for its execution.

On the right, you can see a record of other people’s scripts that you executed. Each script is accompanied by its associated ID, type, date, link to a blockchain explorer, and the amount of DAEM earned.

NOTE: If you execute one of your scripts, no transaction will be stored on the platform.




The Swap page allows you to do exactly what you think: you’ll be able to swap DAEM tokens for ETH/WETH or the other way around.

As described in our documentation, the tokenomics part specifically, the Daemons treasury constantly buys back DAEM tokens and adds them to the LP, to ensure deep liquidity at all times.

Daemons’ liquidity will be deposited on each chain’s major Decentralized Exchange. For the sake of simplicity and convenience, we added a page to allow token swaps right inside the Daemons Dapp. Swapping there will ensure that you’ll take advantage of our deep liquidity and low slippage.



That’s it for now. Or maybe it isn’t?

You’re right, one of the most important pages of the platform was left out, but it was done on purpose. It was the “Create Script” page.


This page is where you can create new scripts. It is quite complex, so we’ll dedicate a whole new article to it.

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