Wouldn't be nice if Publish0x let people choose the kind of crypto they tip?

By dadazi | dadazi | 28 Nov 2020

I posted a few hours ago about coinswap.

I understand the it would requiere a lot of thins for this to be implemented.

But what if the team from Publish0x,just adds a choosing metod for tiping.

Lets say i would like to be tipped in ETH.

It woud not be hard to do that.

I mean,i could leave a phrase at the end of my each post and say plaese tip in ETH.

Or another way it could be for the publisher to choose in what crypto they would like to be tipped.

Put somewhere in settings,this month for example i want to be tipped in ETH or BTC,you get the ideea.

Its just an ideea.

If its good or not,i think they are people more smarter then me in the sites team that would know if any of this two ideeas are good or not.

I just want to help and be productive at the same time and maybe other publishers or even readers think the same as me.

Leave a tip if you want for my inspiration,to feel good and for my small contest( 

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.


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