Update for the Dogecoin faucet

By dadazi | dadazi | 1 Feb 2021

I made a post in December about a Doge faucet.

The site paid pretty well and the payment was instant.

I decided to make an update because I have 4 referrals and for them as well as you to see that the site doesn't pay any more to not waste your time with PTC, short links, and all the other ways to earn Doge on the site.

I waited a bit in case the site decides to pay but since Doge started to pump real good it is unlikely that it will pay unless Doge drops down but I don't see that coming.

1a8731080579bfea4fe50c2c78050d2c80428189d3f5f20d825bf2f083c10f32.pngAs you can see, my last withdraw is pending for 3 weeks now.

I tried to call support and even email them but they didn't even answer.

Point is, don't waste your time on the site(especially me referrals on the site).

I will check it out from time to time but unless the site starts to pay again, I won't make another update.

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day ahead or a good night and stay safe where ever you are.

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