Tron(TRX) mining site,free 100 TH/s

By dadazi | dadazi | 1 Dec 2020

This site apeared a day or two after the doge one and they related.

Like the title says,it gives you 100 TH/s for free.

Here is a screen shot on how to activate the miner with the 100 TH/s.

I will leave this screen shot because i thought it will start automatic and lost 2 days and you have to start the miner manual.

9f6c0f581f2a2407c8a46cea0f32374312d40e2a370f8648beb7c9488f5c70c6.pngThey also give you free TH/s ,once a day like the dogecoin one.

I thought to share it from the beggining because there are sites that pay at first even if its free mining although most of them ask you to invest or just dissapeare.

Now,please,do not invest!


Its not tested.

I will leave  again two links,simple and refferal so you can choose.

Leave a tip if you want me to do more research and for my self asteam and also to fell that i am doing a good work(as best as i can).

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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