#TradewithBityard-at first sight,looks very good

By dadazi | dadazi | 2 Dec 2020

I just heard about this site and i thought to write about it.

First of all and i think for many is when something is given for free,am i right?

Well,you have a lot of bonuses but the first 3 are very simple.


1,Choose as user name(mine you know is dadazi)

2.Bind you phone and email(just verify them with the numbers you get in emal and sms)

3.Conduct a demo trade once( go trade,choose demo,choose a coin,buy and sell)

For the 3 way i will leave 3 screen shots for those who dont know how to trade(i am a newbie to).

Ive chosen DOTUSDT or DOT/USDT (this a pear or pearing)

05c5b8e6eaf4f30d19ced61dc23da524d47288ba011e93f8d2d588b8eed3c8ee.pngPut a margin of 5 and buy


Keep an eye on the market and wach how it goes down or up,select when you find a procentege that is good and make a profit(think like it was real)

You can see the procentage in the back of the confirmation,surrounded by me with white.

5eb40bc678134ae68f9eb76288b2b3f3a1e5a542615e310f192b5d737d3d9fc9.pngAnother cool thing is that they have daiky mining.

Go up top at Promotion and one daily mining and collect.


After you collect,you can transfer to your balanca as showen in this screen shot

c028fdef12f68b76042a2a85dcadbc9e9e65e540e151f8af20b4641bc591cd53.pngThis things that ive showed you,will bring 6 BYD and an amount of USDT from mining.

Anyone can get this bonuses,no matter the knowledge you have plus i tried to make it simple(i think).

There are more bonuses,but those goes in the trading category and ar for those more then even me(i am a newbie).

But dont worry,there is a begginer guide,faqs and many more to help you start if you are a newbie like me.

Use the link below to sign up.

And thats about it.

Thank you for your time.

I tried to keep it short as always and simple so all can understand.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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