The earning version of Twitter

By dadazi | dadazi | 27 Dec 2020

On Christmas, released the earning version of Twitter called

Like Twitter but only this time, you earn BCH for twitting.

Let's get into it.

Register for the site to create an account using a valid email, screen name, and password.

I am registered as you all know as dadazi.

 After you create this account, you may be given some free tips and will pop up an image.


At first, you have no credit but once you start to tweet and good content you will be given a random sum for tipping and tipping only.


This is from today.

Last night I got 45 cents which I gave out at random to posts that I liked.

After you clicked on the post of someone and choose the procent, you give a tip.


The tipping is like here on Publish0x meaning that you choose the percent of tipp that you want to give to the person and what you want for yourself but the difference is that you choose the sum from some different options and you can see the sum.


After you clicked on the post of someone and choose the procent, you give a tip.

There is something that I have noticed.

Like I've told you, last night I had 45 cents which I gave as random tipps and because I've set the minimum of 20% for me, today I've got a second sum as I write this article.


Now that we settled this, you need a BCH wallet and put your address on the wallet on the site.

For me, the payment is made instant.

I've chosen and downloaded wallet but you can choose whatever you want.

Here is a screenshot of my wallet.


In 2 days, it's pretty good.

I have articles here on publish0x that I haven't earned that much and I put in a lot of time, research, and effort in making them, and in 2 days from twitting I made more which of course makes me sad but there is nothing I can do about that.

The site is pretty simple and doesn't have a lot of features except that you can subscribe to a person.

To be honest, I wished I could see my followers but it's only in stage alpha.

Good luck to you all.

The link will be in the description.

Get $10 in BAND:

Get $10 in COMP:

Get $10 in XLM:

Thank you for your time.

I wish you a good day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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