Thank you for the 50 followers

By dadazi | dadazi | 22 Jan 2021

So today it's an important day for me.

I managed to attract 50 people to follow me and white I post in such a short time period.

Thank you very much each one of you.

Tonight is a good night for me.

This will make me try harder, work harder and give me an impulse in my battle with depression(this is the main reason I didn't write for a while).

Only those who suffer from major depression can understand how it is like(it is not easy, I can assure you).

It's a 24/7 battle and I am not lying.

I don't say this to complain but only for you to understand.

I can say that tonight, one target I achieved.

My next target is a very big one but very important for me and will help me a lot and that is to buy a new, my first new laptop.

I don't want an expensive one or with a big name, just a new one to work better than the one I have(14 years old).

I just could do a lot more, I'm sure of it.

To give an example, there were a few sites that I was forced to abandon cause it just wouldn't load and I couldn't do anything about it.

But enough of that.

Maybe a will gather more of you and improve my writing to get more tipps.

Once again, I thank each one of you for following and staying with me.

I just hope I can make you proud to say I am following dadazi.

I wish you all, honestly, health, love, and peace.

Thank you all again and I bow to you all.

Have a great day ahead or a peaceful night and stay safe where ever you are.



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