Scam alert!

By dadazi | dadazi | 23 Nov 2020

I am not sure if ive seen this game here or not but i thought i should let you all know that is a scam.

You wont be able not even to get you money back.

Its old and at first,when they launched the game,they paied a little but after a while they introduce gold coins along the silver coins.

You cant withdraw unless you have gold coins and guess how you get the gold coins?

Well by investing ofcourse.

Even they say it if you look close and i will copy the text.

Gold is credited for silver purchases (account replenishments):
- Your own silver purchases (account replenishments), 40% is credited to gold.
- Purchases made by referrals of the 1st level - you get 20% of the paid sum to gold.
- Purchases made by referrals of the 2nd level - you get 5% of the paid sum to gold.

So keep away from this site:

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Thank you.

Have a nice day and stay safe where ever you are.


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