Permission and ASK token-are they real or just another scam?

By dadazi | dadazi | 4 Dec 2020

I wanted to write about this site arround weeks ago but i waited to see what is what.

Ive done the verification and tried to speak with them several times to give them benefit of the doubt.

They kept telling me that sure,your verification is done just wait a few days for the ASK tokens to be transfered from your pending balance to wallet.

So i waited,and waited and written them on the support section and the same answer,polite and starting to be annoying.

Now its been two weeks so enough is enough.

I mean in two weeks,they should be done by now(even manually),no?

Even from the beggining it didnt smell good,it smelled fishy and a reminder.

There was similar site like this but i dont remember the name,before the crypto  exploded.

It had a interface similar to facebook and it gave you coins to buy merchandise from the site.

Of course the orders i gaved,never came.

Now dont think i am hater because ive seen here some posts about Permission and ASK coin and all were positive.

How wonderfull this is,ASK can be traded on Bithumb Global,Vitex and what other places...Yay,horay :(

If you want,you can check yourself if you havent already.

To earn ASK is easy,just like PTC sites,you wach 12 videos a day and Ka-ching,youve earned 1200 ASK coins.

Apart from that,there some products on the site that will blow your mind when you see what prices they have in ASK coins.

I mean they are made in China,but really?

It makes it seem like 3 ASK coins are worth 1 USD...really???

I mean come on.

I may sound ironic and thats because i am,at least untill i those coins in wallet and if,IF i can buy something from they site as they show with ASK coins or if someone showes proof not only with coins in wallet but with a purchase to.

Call me a  doubting Thomas!

If you want to check it out,i will leave a clean link.

I dont need refferals.

My conclusion,as a simple man,even if i am disabled(not stupid) is that this is too good to be true and theres a catch somewhere.

Maybe they are just looking to promote merchandise,dont know.

Thank you for your time.

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Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.



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