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By dadazi | dadazi | 25 Dec 2020

So I found this site yesterday and I thought I would share it with you all.

It took me to telegram and I had to join like 5 or 6 channels before I can start earning.

Basically, it's a telegram bot and it gives a random bonus from 1$ to 10.000$.

I know that it sounds too good to be true and before you all think it's a scam, well if you or I don't invest, what is there to lose?

I claimed so for 2 times and it gave me 1$ each time.

This is a screenshot.



The chances of being legit are very small but as I said, I have nothing to lose.

I didn't invest, I won't and I strongly suggest you don't either.

Repeat, do not invest, not even a cent!

Now, as with the Tron mining site, I will make an update after I reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

And also I would like to ask you all, to use my referral link as you did with the Tron site so I can reach you faster.

To be honest, it seems too good to be true but in the back of my mind, I still hope a bit.

These are hard times and every cent matters, at least to me(you all know my story).

Plus if it works I will have some capital for some sites that I want to try, investment sites.

I will not ask for tips anymore.

I will let you decide if you want to tip and how much, like, or dislike this post and all that will follow.

(I am not asking for tips because I feel like I am begging and that's not me)

Thank you for your time.

Link will be in the description.

I wish you all health, a wonderful and peaceful day, and stay safe where ever you are.

Merry Christmas.


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