Oliveland-the pioneer in the NFT world that by holding an NFT, you are holding real land!

By dadazi | dadazi | 10 Jul 2021

Let us start with the title.

Oliveland is truly a pioneer in the NFT world because by holding an NFT, you actually hold a piece of land, to be more specific, by holding an NFT you are holding 1 square foot of land, real land!

Let me repeat that in case you think you think you misread.

1 NFT equals 1 square foot of land!

Oliveland is mixing games with real life.

I have to tell you from the beginning that this is a real-life and long-term investment.

That being said, in addition to one NFT card representing 1 square foot of land on the land plot, NFT holders will get profits from sales of olives, honey, blackberries, and lavender among others.

Now let me explain a bit about the NFTs.

Each NFT is in the shape of a tree and like all NFTs, they come in different rarities.

There are 10 rarities of trees:

    Name               Rarity

1.Koroneiki        Abundant

2.Beruguette      Common

3.Barnea             Uncommon

4.Nyons              Ecological

5.Souri                Organic

6.Memecik          Rare

7.Gemlik              Ultra Rare

8.Edremit             Legendary

9.Ayvalik               Mythical

10.Arbequina       Immortal

I have to say that the NFT looks very good.

This is how the Koroneiki NFT looks like.


This a still picture cause the main NFT spins around, which is also pretty cool.

The garden holds a total of 183.640 square feet which represents 183.650 NFTs.

The ratio being 1:1.

NFTs will have X-Y coordinates of the actual land.

Oliveland will be a smart farm and you will be able to follow live feeds from the farm as the soil is managed and you can monitor weather analysis as different phases of the roadmap are implemented.

Now, when you think of the title you will say, ooh, just olives, right?

Well, you will think right but you will be wrong and I will explain why.

Besides the olive trees, there will be 2.000 Blackberry (Rubus laciniatus) and Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) plants on the garden fence about 500 meters. Beehives:

They will start with 60 beehives with 20 frames.

The first year they are targeting to have 300 queens and they will produce new beehives from recycled materials for %100 sustainability.

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) plants for supporting the bees and also to harvest dried lavender to produce tea and oil.

Also, there will build a seedling greenhouse of about 150 m2 with 30,000 seedling capacity.

Lastly, they will recycle all garden waste into organic compost and use it in the garden and sell it.

Now about the gamification part.

Each tree has a staking power.

You choose your favorite location and register in order to start earning the token OLV through “staking” where you will click claim once and receive all tokens.

Primarily OLV will allow you to “Dig” several times a day, you have the choice of digging on any of your plots and each day the location of random buried treasure.

There is a portion of Oliveland NFTs set aside to further reward players each day to find additional plots, sometimes you will find NFTs to upgrade your staking power, other times you will find additional OLV trees!

This is just a summary of the project.

Keep in mind that this is a long-term investment and depending on how it woes, it may extend and/or add other things to grow and so on.

So if you want to get into this project, ROI is hard to anticipate because it depends on many factors.

Also, to prove how interesting this project is, along the way i have seen a lot of scams on the market trying to sell NFT pretending to be the real Oliveland.

I will leave a link to the market.

I tried to be short and not boring as always.

I will leave in the description a few links for you to learn more about the project.

Thank you for your time and I wish you a great day ahead or a good night.




Direct link to the collection on the market:


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