New crypto wallet and exchange platform with sign up bonus

By dadazi | dadazi | 30 Nov 2020

I found this site about a few days ago and forgot to make a post about it.

Its called BuyUcoin and its based in India.

I was sceptical but what is free,is free after all.

I will leave a small description.

BuyUcoin is a crypto wallet and exchange platform where merchants and consumers can transact with digital assets like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple etc. They are based out of Delhi-NCR in India.

Will see how it goes.

They are trying a lot of features that will be opened soon.

One of it is crypto derivative platform.

I will leave my link

Once you made an account,go to rewards and put the code 


This will bring you 100 INR(1.35$) worth of BTC,ETH &LINK

96a4fe03d02e8b009f9780be8a69dba7312b81d4efb0b04bdfe21310dfb36753.pngIts new but i will give it a try,i have nothing to loose.

If you want,give it a try but i suggest you dont invest for now at least.

Leave a tip if you like to make me do some research and to feel good.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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