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By dadazi | dadazi | 3 Jan 2021

Hi all.

First and to say Happy New Year and I hope that this year has come to you and will be more than what you expect from it.

I heard a lot of people talking on many sites about Nexo and how good it is and so on.

Me,sceptical as always but I said why not and give it a shot.

So this is the front page and why I caught my attention.

It says 12 % daily!

01092717338abebaaf3879468fa0236c7d59e2c82068fce1b07d190bd3d4961c.pngAs you all know,my capital wants to drain because of the coin I invested in(its called WATER and you can find it on yobit).

This is why it took me a while to make some money.

To be honest it took me a good couple of days with many faucets till I became dizzy.

You know when you repeat over and over the same thing....

But I managed to make around 2$ which I had to change from a few cryptos till I ended up at Litcoin.

If you are wondering why is because of this


This is the coin and minimum amount of investment.

You can see that I circled something red and will get to that now.

From the front page, it tells you 12% per day,wright?

Now here is my investment.



You can see also Tron because I didn't know the minimum which I found out that it was 150 TRX and because I couldn't find a swap coin notion I had to withdraw.

Told you guys it was a pain in the but with swapping to get to LTC which you can see in the screenshot(my investment).

You can also see the interest which I didn't think about it and I changed also to earn nexo.

5e5f3ca630aad149f88d0cd1943d87d151ed1d56d912e034a5d1f55b27cdb784.pngRemember the 12% per day as it said on the site.

I pulled out the calculator from windows and did simple math and it didn't make sense so I called the chat assistance and talked live.

Well to keep it short,that 12% is APY(annual percentage yield) and what that means is that you earn 12% per year.

And to make it worse,once in the site,with the crypto going thru the roof,the changed that procent fro 12 to 5.

You can do the math if you want from the screenshot.

So, in the end, they are right when they say that they are the bank of crypto it's just that they don't say that they really act like a bank with APY.

Now, I use yobit for a while and all the time there was coin investment with 1% to 15% per day,week or month depending on the amount and what crypto it is.

Now if you are thinking...well what did you expect...

Well first of all crypto is much,much more volatile than fiat or actual currency.

In a few minutes, it can go up or down with 70% for example,and I've seen it,know it and felt it(it ain't pretty trust me)

So you can invest, let's say 500$ and the next day the coin has dropped let's say 30%,that 12% won't help you cause you lost.

I had my coins and the price was dropping and the 3% per day couldn't keep up with the dropping I mean the number of coin increases but the values decreases and you still loose and that what I did(so instead of having around 40$ of coins I ended up selling them al fo 1,2 $).

Hope you all get what I mean(i tried my best to explain even for newbies).

Now to draw a line.

It ain't worth it so I am disappointed in

The only thing that would be good at is to invest in stable coins or actual currency(the minimum amount is around 3000$ if I remember correctly)

But even so,you might go to an actual bank(much safer than online and same procent or maybe a little bigger).

To actually feel something you would have to invest a substantial amount of crypto of money,just like a bank.

This my resume and my experience with

Now it's totally up to you if you want to invest or not.

For me, it's not worth it.

Maybe if I had like 1 BTC(dreaming of course)

I hope I didn't bore you.

Thank you for your time

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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