My dad lost his fight with cancer and i need help

By dadazi | dadazi | 22 Nov 2022

My dad was paralyzed for 25 years.

He had a lot of back pain and hemorrhoid pain in the last year especially.

In the last 2 months, he started to feel sick.

In mid-September, we took him(me and mom) to the hospital cause he was coughing blood, urinating blood and even his poop had blood.

He stayed almost 2 weeks and he got better so he came home.

2 weeks ago he started to vomit after he ate and he vomited even when he drank water so I called the emergency and took him to the hospital.

Last week after many investigations they found he and rectal cancer.

He agreed to surgery, they removed all his colon, part of some intestines, and his gall.

For 2 days he was intubated and on the third day they removed his tubes and he began speaking but he was in so much pain, oh dear Lord, the pain in his voice keeps going round and round in my head.

This was on Friday.

On Saturday my mom went to visit him and barely opened his eyes and made some very whispering noise.

On Sunday I went to him but he did not speak at all, didn't open his eyes at all but he nodded his head a few times when I held his hand and said...fight daddy cause I want you home.

Yesterday morning, after I woke u my mom told me that the hospital called and that he died.

It was like I saw a train come, hit me, and started crying but still could not believe it.

It was a bit like when I fainted and hit my head on the wall.

I am disabled myself.

I can not believe it now, I just can't.

I am the only child and if you have not been thru something like this, it is like a rollercoaster of emotions, regret, denial, frustration, anger...many many emotions that are spinning like a ball and go from one to another and crying a lot.

Imagine you talk to your dad in the afternoon and the next morning he is dead.

This is the story short because I just can not write more to tell the big picture or the whole story, but I did mention a few things in my previous post.

As I said I am disabled and my income is very low my mom has no income because she stood home and took care of dad and me.

The funeral and the other religion and rituals that we do in my country added up are very very expensive.

We are talking about thousands of dollars, honestly.

I do not know where to go, where to write, or who to ask for help so I decided to write and ask here.

I tried in discord and was rejected so deleted what I said.

I tried in a telegram group and some started laughing and sending big laugh emoticons.

I asked on Twitter and Facebook but no one has even replied.

I asked also two persons that I know 100% that they are millionaires but didn't even reply.

On Reddit, I don't know if I can.

Gofundme is not allowed in my country altho I am in the EU.

So this is my last resort.

Do not know where else to go.

So if anyone wants, is willing, is feeling, it is judging and I don't even know how to express myself anymore.

If anyone wants to help, I will leave my Paypal email.

[email protected]

If by some miracle someone helps me and it is religious, you can leave a note here or I don't know if you can on Paypal, and I will say a prayer for you and your family, or I can pay the church to do that.

Hope at least someone sees this.

I am not a scammer, I do not like begging but it is just out of my league plus, me and my mom we will have to survive on my disability income.

I am 100% sure that some will judge me and also 100% sure that some will not believe me.

In the end, I would like to give a piece of advice to you reading this even you belive me or not.

Please, please take your parents and/or loved ones on checkups to your doctor or hospital

Maybe if my dad's cancer was caught in time, he would be alive now.

I wish you all who read this health to you and your family.




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