Make money with or with out investment in a browser game

By dadazi | dadazi | 13 Nov 2020

My Profit Land is a browser  game.
It is one of the few business games as i know of,where you are rewarded for your daily activity.
You can fight, work, open companies, start wars,complete surveys.
It is a very complex gamewith a lot of options you will find for your own development.

In total,there a re 85 countries

The Euro/gold exchange rate from today,13.11.2020 is 1 Euro/18.775 gold  and i have to mention that this is real Euro,real cash.

This is a game where you can earn with or with out investment but as you all know,money makes money.

With out investment,it will take you a few months to make the minimum amount for withdrawal which is 20 Euro.

There are a lot of ways for you to withdraw,like Paypal,Neteller,Skrill,QIWI and others.

For investments,the minimum is 1 Euro thru Paypal,Skrill,Payeer,Revolut,Bank Transfer and crypto(not all).

You can invest in companies and there are around 40 different tipes of companies,just like in real world and also you can buy game shares wich gives you dividends in euro and gold,1 or 2 times a month,depending on the game fund.

One company you get for free.

Another way to make money is going to war.

Ive been playing this game for over 3 years,around since it launched and it keeps growing.

I have to mention that no matter what you do,you will be someones refferal.

I hope i didnt bore anyone.

I will leave my refferal link if anyone wants to become my refferal

I will help all who become my refferals in the game.

Just pm me in the game with what questions you have.

Thank you  all for reading my post and hope to hear from you in the game.

If you would like to make a tip,its up to you and it doesnt cost you anything.
Stay safe out there,where ever you are from.

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