I wonder if Publish0x will add a stablecoin

By dadazi | dadazi | 6 Dec 2020

Since you all know that I am a newbie, I just discovered stable coin.

So I started to search a bit about what stable coins are, what's the benefit, how many are there, and so on.

What I found about so far is that the naming says it all, they are stable on the market.

And I started to watch one, in particular, USDT.

I watched it on several market sites and it seems to keep its price and never goes below 1 USD.

So this is why I made this post with this title.

Wouldnt be nice if Publish0x added just one stable coin or add direct add USDT?

Now if you are wondering why I would like a stable coin is simple because you won't lose money from your account till you make at least the minimum withdrawal threshold or want to keep it to make a bigger withdraw.

I think that my idea is good and a few people will agree with me.

Now it's in the hands of the management of the site.

It is their call to see if this idea is plausible, can it integrate it into the platform, and so on.

I hope someone from the management reads this and maybe leave me a comment.

That's it, short and direct as always.

Thank you for your time.

Leave a tip if you want.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.


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