I wish Publish0x had coinswap

By dadazi | dadazi | 28 Nov 2020

Like the title says,i really wish that Publish0x had coinswap.

For those who dont know,its really simple and its just as the word says,you swap coins.

This way you can make a withdraw more consistent.

In my case,because i earn very little i would like a coinswap so i can make a bigger prize for the contest that i am holding,or at least i think i am holdin cause so far no ne has reistreted thru my refferal link wich makes me sad and i wonder if i am doing something wrong.

I mean,i wonder myself why no one is interested?

Its not a scam,the site is legit,it pays,you can earn with or with out investment ofcourse like all sites,games or not,your earning depends.

I mean,if you dont invest,its takes a bit and you have to be pacient but you will earn,that i can asure you that if you are pacient.

Sorry that i deviated a bit from the subject but i wanted to make a point and give an exmple at the same time why it would be nice to have coin swap.

I will leave again the site for the contest.

What can i say,i really wish this works being my first contest that i am holding.

I would apreciate a tip to go the contest fund and to feel like my words,my posts are good.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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