How to get 1700 DLRS coins

By dadazi | dadazi | 23 Nov 2020

I want to introduce you to Yobit.

Its a site where you can trade,invest and get small amounts of different coins each day.

You also have wallets for a lot of crypto coins(send and recive).

It is very simple to use and figure out wich is what.

Ive been on the site for a few years now and i can say that i am happy about it but i have to mention that i have very small amounts of a few crypto coins but they are invested and i get a procentage each day,to keep it short i am not rich or a specialist in trading.

With time i learned a few things on the way with this site,like what is a crypto wallet or adress,how to invest,wach the market and few other things but still i am a newbie or so i consider myself.

Now to get to the part why you clicked here.

For those who make a new account get 1700 DLRS coin for free.

1DLRS coin is worth now 0.005 $ so 1700 DLRS will get you around 8.5 $(real dollars,USD)

I will leave you the link shorten so i can make a few cents.

Ive told you from the beginning i am honest and want to keep it that way even if i dont get tips or get dislikes.

P.S:you might get 770 EASY coins to,not sure if you have to use my link for that or not.

EASY coins are not on the market yet but you can invest them on the site as long as you do dice 10 times each day(0.01 EASY per dice roll will do).

Invest 700 and keep 70 for dice,thats what i did.

Thank you for your time.

Leave a tip if you want to inspire me to do more research and also feel good.

Have a nice day and stay safe where ever you are.

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