How i lost all my crypto and hope you avoid my mistakes and learn from them

By dadazi | dadazi | 27 Mar 2021

I don't know if I told you guys but my laptop was old.

I manage to save up some money from here and there and buy a cooler because the laptop was getting hot very often.

If you are wondering why I needed to save up for a cooler is because I live from my disability income and it isn't enough for a lot, a lot of medicine and food, etc.

This was just an explanation so please don't feel like I am complaining because when I tell this, so many say I am complaining, so don't feel that ok? it is what it is.

I made a pause from writing new articles to focus on making some coins and afford for some projects as I mentioned in an article or two.

Now, all seemed to go smoothly after the installation of the cooler.

I need to mention that I have memory loss.

As I said, I was trying to make some money to do some projects and write about them so I started to look online to all methods of earning: surveys, browser mining, crypto airdrops, and so on.

I registered to a lot of sites and I had to download a few wallets like Atomic, and saved my secret keys, phrases, mnemonic phrases on some drafts which I put in a single file in D, on my laptop.

Now to get to the subject after this explanation.

The laptop was running smoothly when all of the sudden, it started to glitch, a lot of dots on the screen and the puf, smoke and I mean smoke came out of it.

So it's toasted.

To recover all I had, I need to send it like 600 kilometers away from me, to a company which will put that an HDD in a closed chamber and something else...I can't remember what, technical things and would cost me a few hundred dollars.

Anyway, the cost is bigger than what I had saved.

Now I had to borrow my uncle's laptop because I am a dead man without it, literally(my thoughts go to dark places if you know what I mean)

And I sold my silver necklace to buy a USB stick.

Here are the conclusion and peel your eyes.

Get a USB stick(no matter what the memory, mine is 8 Gb) and every time you register or download something that gives you a secret key or phrases, or mnemonic phrase, save it on a folder and immediately copy that folder on the USB stick.

Without these phrases, you won't be able to recover anything!!!

My loss is around 150 dollars which to many would not mean anything but for me, it took me around a year if not more to save up.

Now I have to start all over again and don't know how much time it will take me plus i have to abandon some projects i had i mind.

Again, I repeat, get yourself a USB stick and each time saves secret keys or phrases!!!

Please take my advice so don't end up regretting it like me.

That's about it.

I cant and don't want to write more cause it makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Please avoid my mistake.

I wish you all a great day ahead or good night and stay safe where ever you are.




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