Honeygain,is it legit or just a scam?

By dadazi | dadazi | 22 Nov 2020

I was sceptic about tis app but i thought to give it a try so i installed it yesterday.

It gave me 5$ or 5000 coins but so far i dont see the 0.20 to 0.50 cent per day as some wrote about it.

In 24 hours i made not 0.20 but 0.02 cents and keep in mind that i have good internet speed.

Now i wont bore you with any other things you can find yourself with a simple search.

I will make another post only when i will cash out,that is if i will be able to.

If you like to try it and will want to use my link,i woul be very gratefull and will help me get closer to the withdrawal treshold,maybe.
If you would like to make a tip,its up to you and it doesnt cost you anything.
Thank you for reading my post and stay safe out there,where ever you are from.


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