Free ZEC,DOGE and a new coin that hasn't been released yet

By dadazi | dadazi | 26 Dec 2020

I thought i put toghether this article fast.

I haven't logged in in this site for a while now and I've noticed that you can claim a new coin called FLR.

The site I am talking about is Pipeflare.

Last night,I've noticed that there are some contest with prizes in DAI and I said to give it a shot(I'm not a lucky person but never say never).

Altho they have a faucet to claim ZEC,DOGE and FLR every 24 hours I noticed something else.

The 3 games that I mentioned,well to get to the top you have to win the most FLR.

Now here is the good part.

While you play and earn FLR,the FLR that you win in the games are added you your balance.


As you can see,I won 210 FLR wich they are in my wallet already.

The games are simple and to continue you use 1 heart as in the scrrenshot above or you click and watch an add like in the screenshot below for 10 seconds and it will give the chance to continue and this goes as much as you want to play.


I thought I should make this article fast because the games will end I a day and a half and I don't know if there will be another contest after they are finished.

So this Is a good opportunity to gain some good amount of FLR.

The coin isn't released yet but it will be soon.

The site is researching the best platform to use to issue tradable tokens.

Once they decided which platform to use, we will swap your current tokens 1:1 with tradable tokens.

Good luck to you all.

Link will be in the description.

Get $10 in BAND:

Get $10 in COMP:

Get $10 in XLM:

Thank you for you time.

I wish you a wonderful Cristmas and stay safe where ever you are.

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