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By dadazi | dadazi | 1 Dec 2020

Starting today 01.12.2020 ,on the game that i talked in a post and metined in a few others but no one gain any interest,there is a contest with prizes.

I will put a list of prizes in gold.

The gold is converted in real Euro.

today the cobertion rate is 1Euro/17,9 gold

  1. 7000 Gold(aprox 390 Euro)
  2. 4500 Gold(aprox 250 Euro)
  3. 2500 Gold(aprox 140 Euro)
  4. 1500 Gold(aprox 84 Euro)
  5. 1000 Gold(aprox 56 Euro)
  6. 500   Gold(aprox 28 Euro)
  7. 500   Gold(aprox 28 Euro)
  8. 500   Gold(aprox 28 Euro)
  9. 500   Gold(aprox 28 Euro)
  10. 500   Gold(aprox 28 Euro)  

But like i said it takes investment.

The duration of the contest is 2 weeks.

What you have to do is go to war.

And when i mean war,i mean war,weapons,jets,tanks.

At the end of the 2 weeks,who does the most damage,wins in the order i mentipned above.

I say again,it takes money,investment and also time.

This is my refferal link where you can see my profile,what rank i am,damage ive done,money withdraw or invested and so on.

And like i saied in my other post,there are many ways in making money,like buying companies,shares,work.

If you dont have money to invest,you can still make money but it takes some time.

As alaways,i help all my refferals with what they need.

One thing to keep in mind as a Warning,dont use bad language,be nice and read the conduit form.

I hope maybe one person becomes my refferal.

That would be awsome.

Good luck if anyone becomes my refferal and goes to war or not.

Leave a tip if you want,for my self asteem.

Thank you.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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