Farsite game - similar to AlienWorlds

By dadazi | dadazi | 7 May 2021

Farsite is a game similar to AlienWorlds but with a better-looking interface, built on top of the ETH platform.

Being similar to AlienWorlds, it is a sci-fi game the difference being that is an MMO and you start with a spaceship instead of tools to mine.

All the items in the game are produced by players with the materials that they find.

Items can be found in a different location and have to be mined.

Production requires Blueprint(which is important and i will mention it again i shot time), components, a base on a planet, and credits.

All the items owned by players can be traded on the open market and every item is an NFT that is stored in a digital wallet.

The only in-game currency is credits and you need credits for everything you do in the game.

You can convert your credits for FAR tokens that are based on ERC-20 at a ratio of 1.000.000 credits per 1 FAR and vice-versa.

This all done via a smart contract.

Now, again about Blueprints.

Some of them will be unique and will never be created again.

I personally think that this will a big thing and a big win for those who manage to get their hands on one or more of this king of Blueprints.

Now, as I said, in the beginning, you start with a spaceship.

This means that you will have to travel(of course here you will need fuel that is also bought in-game with credits) and you will need FTL fuel(which i will come back in a bit regarding the meaning of FTL).

You will travel to:

Constellations(which come with a number of Stars) and Homestead is the first constellation where all players start.

Stars, that are part of the constellation(some stars have Planets).

Planets(Most of them have Sectors that can be acquired by players to build bases and extract resources.

Sectors(all planets are divided into sectors).

Gates are entrance points of FTL(like the fule, which means faster than light) to go to stars.

There are also Stations where you can refuel, repair, store items, and run marketplace and Asteroids and Comets for mining resources.

This is just a basic explanation.

There are many things to learn about.

My conclusion is that the game looks very good visually, very interesting and attractive from all points of view.

From I have seen and read about it, I think it's going the right way and a plus is that is based on NFTs.

I made this post now so many of you have the chance to get in early in the game because i do think it is going to be very, very good.

The link will be in the description.

I was a bit longer than usual but had to explain a bit so you can picture the game and the potential it has.

The game will be launched at the end of the month and there is a drop ofcurse so dont waist time,use the link and register.

You will have some tasks to do after you register and win some goodies :)

Thank you for your time.

I wish you all a great day ahead or good night(depending on the time your read this article) and stay safe where ever you are.


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