Dogecoin mining site update

By dadazi | dadazi | 20 Dec 2020

Like the previous post, this site is a SCAM also.

I won't rewrite again what I said in the previous post.

It's basically the same B.S.

38ddeeeb1e817271d19fc05bc54de7d1fca61af3f7d0134efef590865ff4d746.pngAnd of course,dce6d4e98c4bec9b21667d60dae8dd4a9bf18f541cfb1675c6f1e0ecc6dee56b.png the same B.S. awaiting confirmation.

Do not waste your time with this site also.


It's time to move on.

I have a few sites that I am trying but first I want to see how they are.

Unfortunately, I took a big hit with a coin that I invested in, and to keep it short, I lost all the savings that I had gathered in a pretty long time.

So I feel like life sucks and also I cant do some projects with money involved(this is my biggest disappointment)

But that's life.

Nothing you can do or with who to fight.

It is what it is.

Now my only dream is that this blog will grow at least to give me a small income so I can try more sites and not just free ones.

Time will tell.

Have a good day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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