By dadazi | dadazi | 26 Nov 2020

I would like to make a contest.

Because i gained for the first time in my life followers i would like to make a contest wich wil end on 24 of december so the winner can have a little present for Christmas.

I thought to start now so i can gain more money to be a good prizes,i really do hope so.

The rules are very simple.

The most active player who becomes my refferal in the game i wrote in my first post and i will leave a link,will win all the ETH i will gain here on this site.

So far,in a few days i gained 0.002ETH but i will make updates when it increases.

Again,its a small contest but a honest one with a small prize but real or who knows how much i will gain till the 24 of december.

I do hope you like the contest.

Here is the link(the game is legit,100% and you can earn real money,you can invest if you want in a lot of things,but thats up to you).

Verify your account by calling the phone number under you name in the game(no charge and no one will answer).

After the account is verified,you can open a free company of water or electricity wich after you sell the all the water or electricity,it will bring you at least 1 Euro(real one).

Leave a tip to increase the pool.

Give a like or not,up to you.

Have a nice day or night and saty safe where ever you are.


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