CoinMarketCap - earn Helium (HNT) and Orchid (OXT)

By dadazi | dadazi | 29 Nov 2020

CoinMarketCap has 2 ways live now for earning crypto.

Helium (HNT) and Orchid (OXT).

There will be another 3 crypto coins to follow,Terra(Luna),Kava and Band Protocol(BAND).

This is how to earn.

First make an account on CoinMarketCap,verify it and the log in.

Then go to


It will take you to 2b4836e2539b6b964bede72327266c520bf125928be73c0dca94590371a6e260.pngThis are the 2 campaigns that are live 31db8bb9047d2cca5d4d97c8c7429a5cc4bb9fa197ae28150285980d3b65a9af.pngOpen,watch the 4 videos 8333bf3c722007c326a9e67876d02c5c8423e89c4fd88d1d4b9ef9428f7c54c1.pngAfter you wached all 4 videos,copmplete the quiz 6154b68b63a52fa7520d8af962824e1927a1ba02dd442eb1c394fdb07af04e5d.png

Both coin are earned the same way,4 videos and quiz.

To help you and make it a bit easy,i will tell what i did. I opened to same pages in 2 files. One for answering the quiz and the other to watch and reawatch videos for answering the questions. Another thing youu nees is a Binance account. You will need to put your user ID in an answer. If you dont have a Binace account,i will leave a link in wich you will earn 10% commision from what i earn from refferals. I hope you like the post. It is a bit long but i wanted to put screen shots for those who are newbies and make it simple for them. Leave a tip if you want for my self confidence and to gather a few more bucks for my little contest(where you just have to sing thru this link )

Good luck!

And if you are interested in earning some $ in coinbase,in fact we both win to be honest,i will leave 3 links.  (earn 59$ worth of COMP)    (earn 50$ worth of XLM)     (earn 50$ worth of EOS)

Thank you for your time.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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