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By dadazi | dadazi | 23 Nov 2020

I just found this a few days ago.

To be honest i dont even remember how.

I guees in my searh of any ways of making a few dollars or even a few cents online.

It is not complicated.

All you need is telegram app or if you dont have a smartphone like me,use the web telegram.

It is an autobot and all you have to do is claim the satoshi and they are added to your balance.

Once every 12 hours you can claim a bonus.

The bonus is used to upgrade.

I will leave the link and hope you will use my link,if you want to.

I am not looking to get rich or fool people,i just want to get faster to the withdraw treshold and let people know if is legit or scam.

If you belive me,that it is up to you.

Thank you for reading my post.

I would apreciate a tip(it doesnt cost you anithyng) just to get an impulse to write more and feel apreciated,

Have a nice day and stay safe,where ever you are.


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