BETFURY-a good way to earn a pasive income

By dadazi | dadazi | 9 Dec 2020

I found this site a while ago and I thought I would make an article about it.

I want to mention from the beginning that I haven't invested anything(altho I wish I could invest a little, to be honest, but I just don't have any crypto).

The main purpose, the way of making income is pretty simple, and it's all about staking.

Staking is made by two tokens: BFG(BTC) which is owned by BTC gamble and BFG(TRX) which is won by TRX but all the other coins except BTC.

You will see in a screenshot my daily income from staking.

7e0616e51dd6e8490e33d90b2c1b4bac78c8056e0e0d865ec7ba1c1fbedb7bd8.pngStaking payouts are made each day and you can withdraw them into your game account.


But I strongly suggest that you don't withdraw them and keep playing to increase your BFG and this way you will earn more(this is what I do).

Another way of earning is thru cashback.

Cashback is released every 3 days but you have to withdraw it because it will expire if you don't(i learned this the hard way).

c535e6bf3369a35b3aeffd38de4cdd334b37699150cc0420a2fceadafffd26cd.pngAs you can see, since I am level 1, my cashback is 2% and the next level is 4%.

There are 11 levels and the cashback increases till 25%at level 11 and with each level, you get a few more things as you will see in the next screenshot.


Every 20 minutes you can withdraw in your game wallet,10 satoshis.

If the price of BTC drops, the withdraw of free satoshis will increase.

When I started, there were giving 25 free satoshis every 20 minutes.

bffc8aed65bbcffb5a727e09c86239edc84d4a460c7adcd11107c66b7f617a27.pngAnd finally, I will leave a screenshot with games you can play to increase your BFG and to earn more from staking and cashback.

ad846173ec7db8c41b2f55bb6f6ff47e0d449a2a7775bb58beb6c37c54355355.pngI personally use Circle the most because there are more chances to win but you can try what game you want or like.

For me, this site looks great

If you want to invest or not, that's up to you.

I personally didn't because I can't afford and don't have crypto.

I tried to make it as simple as possible so even newbies can learn so I apologize if I was too long or if you think I put too many screenshots.

Leave a tip if you want(doesn't cost you anything).

I will leave a link.

Good luck.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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