Another scam :(

By dadazi | dadazi | 25 Nov 2020

I found this site a few months ago and i thought i give it a try.

There were giving away free Gh/s mining power so i saied why not.

To keep it short,its a scam,it doesnt pay.

I waited till the minimum withdraw threshold and didnt recive de Doge i mined.

I want to say that i didnt invest.

Ive been burned a few times to be sceptical,not with a lot of money but they where pretty much for me since a have a very low income(story of my life).

Anyway,do not invest!

Do not waist your time and make false hopes(like i did)!

I will leave a screen shot with some drawind made by me(i am not an artist).

6ca814ecc75112c72325bb59c27895bfbaf83624428cc6b6777626a1118ec3c1.pngYou can see the time and date.

They say that payment is made between 10 minutes and 6 hours or something like that.

Thank for you time.

I would apreciate a tip as always to make me do more research,digging,shearin and ofcourse feel good,apreciated plus a tip doesn cost you anything and you gain to,win-win :)

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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