Alien worlds-my journey so far+what to do and how to mine

By dadazi | dadazi | 1 Feb 2021

I started to play this game about a week ago and so far I gathered some in-game coins TLM(Trillium).

Now you all know that my laptop is an old piece of to say bad words) but you get my point but to my surprise, this game actually works on my laptop.

I tried in the past mining but I can tell you that my last attempt left my laptop in smoke, literally, smoke came out of it and burned my hard drive and I think my rams( i a newbie when it comes to pc too).

So this is the coolest part that it works, doesn't heat the laptop, and it's more a waiting time and if it works on my laptop, I am sure it will work for you too.

The game is opened in beta now but there are a few things that you can see that will come soon.

To get started, you will need a Wax Cloud Wallet which you can make here if you don't have one:

After you made your Wax wallet or if you already have one go to

Make sure the pop-ups aren't blocked or allow them otherwise it won't open-this is very important!

At first, you will get some error messages but that is until you get some Alienworlds NFT(a male or female NFT and an NFT shovel)

You will look like this

6a84d7ecf2b2504064af40726ae14deb6ffed5534414dd550e092bf40d40c061.pngYou will get a message every time you get an NFT and it goes in the bag.

After that, you open the bag and put the NFT in its place.

Male or female NFT in the avatar and NFT tools in equipment.

1ec734deaa7c2b33d1baeef46c4e3c2064b0f217fecf0a2eaa21a71623c215a9.pngAs you can see I have 3 tools but you will start with just the shovel.

If you already have some WAX in your WAX wallet, you can buy tools from here(basic or advanced, depending on what you can afford or not).

Direct link to tools:

Link to market:

The market will look like this

7e539bb4305207595dfb647e9aef542dbdb53084ae8efe4f349cc8bb39685592.pngOnce you set your avatar and tools, you choose a planet to mine on.

There are 6 planets at the moment.

I personally mine on planet Neri and stake my TLM  because I am mining on a part of the planet owned by CryptomonKeys and I can get rewards from them directly in my Wax wallet.

This is how it looks after you put your avatar, tools and choose a planet to mine.

5ea6852c1d0975407cbf976f28a632b639ddad6261d4f2f323c756d9f59344b3.pngAs you can see I am on planet Neri in the mountains in a certain coordinate from CryprtomonKeys land.

If you want to mine on planet Neri and CryptomonKeys land here are the coordinates:

Planet Neri - coordinates 35:5    - Tree Forest
Planet Neri - coordinates 18:7    - Mountains
Planet Neri - coordinates 5:10    - Rocky Crater
Planet Neri - coordinates 7:7      - Plains
Planet Neri - coordinates 10:13  - Sandy Desert
Planet Neri - coordinates 2:10    -  Dunes
Planet Neri - coordinates 16:2    -  Icy Desert
Planet Neri - coordinates 23:18  -  Methane Swampland

If you mine on planet Neri I suggest you stake the TLM to if you want extra rewards.

Here a screenshot of how I stake, how much I staked, and my last stake amount

60369237acfb8fa2f5b4c440809f06a3febf5f9ab5403cfebbad14faec78f8f9.pngNow you can mine on what planet you want and whatever place on that planet but I highly recommend Neri.

And that's about it.

I hope I made it as simple as possible so even newbies can access it and have screenshots for guidance.

Good luck mining.

Thank you for your time.

Have a great day ahead or a good night and stay safe where ever you are.

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