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By dadazi | dadazi | 4 Jan 2021

So I've got some comments and really don't mind because I am a newbie and I want to learn even maybe one day I will look back and laugh at maybe how foolish I am right now.

I have changed the article name to suggest that I am a newbie.

I didn't want to mislead in any way, anybody.

The site may be good but for me, it isn't because I don't have capital, if I had, maybe I would be talking different being at another level.

One thing you should know is that I am always honest even if I don't express myself in the right way.

I am a poor man and probably will like that till I grow old but no matter what I will never change my honesty because this is my only wealth(i hope you get what I mean).

I am a newbie and not ashamed to admit that.

I will for sure make mistakes along the way but one thing that caught my eye in a comment is trust.

for me, if I lose the trust of my followers is pretty much game over.

I know by experience that trust is very important in life and once you lose it well the chances of getting back are small but even so, it will never be the same.

I would rather someone with experience correct me, tell me that I am completely wrong, and try to change, modify or delete an article to lose your guy's trust.

My goal is quality and when somebody sees an article made by me to say...hey this by dadazi... let's check it out.

It seems I started badly the year and that is that cant is undone only to try to slap myself and be more focused in the future.

So from now on, if you guys think that I did something wrong, please leave a comment, doesn't matter if it very ugly, negative, bad, and so on..I want to improve myself.

Once again I apologize for my last article, maybe it's not enough of an excuse that I am a newbie but I can't undo it.

Thank you for your time and your comments.

Have a nice day or night and stay safe where ever you are.

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