A russian site that pays

By dadazi | dadazi | 26 Nov 2020

I thought about it a lot where to write about this or not.

I came to the conclusion that maybe its good for some or maybe there are members from Russia on the site and would like to know.

Like 1 USD is something to me,maybe rubles is something to others.

First of all,do not invest in the site!!!!


For some reason,the account ressets and i dont know if its because i am not on it each day or not and deletes everything but it gives you again the amount to buy a pirate that mines for you.

I only log in once in a while,surf the sites and witdhra over 100 coins.

100 coins its equivalent to 1 rubles.

The withdraw is instant to Payeer.

This is the site,simple with out refferal link because i am not interested in refferals.

For the third time,do not invest,just surf the sites and withdraw.

I hope i didnt bore you.

Like the article or not,up to you.

I would apreciate a tip as always.

Have a nice day and stay safe where ever you are.

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