Drumheller AB Hut 8 Bitcoin Farm installation

From Dinosaurs to Coal to Coin-- Drumheller, Canada The industrial evolution of energy comes with a roar!

By Ampy1313 | D_Petcoins13 | 16 Apr 2022

Hut 8 and the Canadian Prairies  

     In July of 2017 I set out for another day of work in Canada as an electrician. Little did i know the impact that day and those to follow would have. It was then I worked my first Day at a bitcoin mining operation in the southern part of Alberta.

     The small under 10 000 pop. town of Drumheller has an extensive background in energy, it's no surprise it remains a leader in moving forward in changing the platform again. If your not familiar with this part of the world, Drumheller sports possibly the best dinosaur museum in the world-why? Well they keep finding bones here. A lot of em!! As early as 2012 a pristine duck-billed skeleton was exposed after spring flooding removed top soil on the Red Deer River. Thousands of people from around the globe flock to the tiny town, to get a glimpse of monumental beasts on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum every year for good reason.
  • Essentially, those dinosaurs and the foliage they thrived in remained, The topography millions of years ago was of a primordial swamp. You know...before the Ice Age. The town sits in the valley of western prairie hoodoos and is basically positioned at what would be the bottom of said swamp! The lasting effect millions of years later is oil, gas and previously coal. Although small in comparison today to cities like Calgary, Toronto or Vancouver...Drumheller at one point was the hub of economy in the area based on its Coal Mining. As well as the museum the town has one of Canadas top 100 historic sites at Atlas Coal Mine. One cannot fully appreciate darkness until the lights are off once inside thousands of tons of earth. A trip through the old mine shaft will definitely have you thinkin!!
  • As all things do the world of Coal could not go on forever, and as new technology advanced through the 1900 so did the town--to oil and gas! For a very long time those were not dirty words, but ones that meant food on the table, a chance for kids to educate and maybe even a holiday once in awhile. Not so much anymore, today what was once thriving still exists to a degree in infrastructure and service, but really it pales in comparison to even 5 years ago let alone the peak of Albertan production of the early 2000's. As we've come to find out, change is inevitable. Still, it's not without growing pains and the modern context is no exception. We are in the moment of that latest transition and onto the shiny new- in pretty packages like solar power, wind turbines, electric vehicles and of course Cryptocurrency!
  • In the summer of 2017 I started working as a sub contractor for Bitfury who was contracted by Hut-8 out of Toronto Canada to build A mining operation in Drumheller at the local sub station. The draw on the Farm to Mine is 43 megawatts so as reported by the media the consumption of energy is substantial. On average one megawatt can power 164 modern homes, so by 43 we are at almost 7000 homes total. That's a consideration but don't get me wrong i'm not here to pontificate. Quite the opposite, at the time of installation the price per BTC was 3000/CND. I nervously bought small increments as I had never really paid attention to that point. I talked to those close but even with my insight from the construction the consensus was that it was a scam, pyramid scheme, or just straight gangster!!! We all know how it turned out or really- none of you would be reading this. That said clearly Crypto is still in its infant stages, kinda like the pre-teen! Very up and down! And like proud parents, those who have gained insight, looked past miss perception and remained loyal to the ideal of change as freedom, are excited. What was once a joke has no government laughing now.
  • Now that we are moving through the stage of transition we see the follies and missteps. Fraudeulent and criminal activities find their way into every resource and crypto will not be without its share. That said we have a tremendous opportunity and even more so a duty to facilitate this change. Its not just an awakening from the ole status quo so one can thumb their nose back at authority, its way bigger! WE are the latest evolution and will frame the lives our youth live in. This is a tremendous moment in time so embrace it, hold on tight, and get some!                                                                                                    

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A Red Seal Electrician with an extensive background in Mining applications. Began work electrifying farms in 2018 when market was at 3000.00 cnd per Btc coin. Hoping to share insights, fundamentals and of course...bring understanding to the need for change!

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