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Cryptocurrency research: How, when, and who.

By d-core | D-CORE | 27 Oct 2021

Since decentralized ledger technology’s inception, academic and financial interest has been constantly increasing. Cryptocurrency research interest is at all time highs. Institutions of all kinds, be it universities, tech companiesbanks, autonomous organizations and governments, have been studying and adopting blockchain. The groundbreaking aspect of Satoshi’s invention warrants the production of lots of research to understand its many monumental consequences and possibilities.

This new environment, with its plethora of investment prospects, calls for thorough and extensive investment research. This necessity is luckily supplied by some institutions and specialists dedicated to, through meticulous examination,  identifying impactful projects worth getting involved or investing in. We'll learn who needs them, how they operate, where to find them, and more in this text!

Types of organizations or individuals that need blockchain research:

Blockchain investors

Institutional investors and High Net Worth individuals are unfamiliar with this new, technology-driven market. Investors looking for cryptocurrency unicorns need curated and unbiased information to make decisions, whether it's market-focused information, information on the technology used or built by a project, or information on the legal landscape that applies to a particular project or the investors themselves.

Cryptocurrency platforms

Even those that are part of the cryptocurrency landscape, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO platforms, DAOs and others need to pre-screen the projects they get involved with. These institutions also have to deal with legal compliance issues, and usually don’t have (or don’t want to have) this expertise in-house. New blockchain initiatives can also benefit from market research to guarantee a smooth entrance to the market before it’s too late to change the way things are laid out.

Market intelligence firms

Market intelligence firms must maintain a thorough understanding of the condition and trends in the fields in which they specialize. Commissioning reports from a variety of sources and from enterprises with more specialized knowledge, particularly in technical areas, can help them expand their entire knowledge base and enhance their consulting capabilities.

Overall, information strengthens the blockchain landscape: more information leads to more logical, coherent, and clear-sighted markets, which is always beneficial to all parties involved.


What are the benefits of working with a blockchain research company?

Even considering all the benefits quality research brings to the blockchain landscape, the act of hiring a research firm may sound unusual. Nevertheless, if you consider the difficulty companies have producing tailor-made relevant research of their own, there are multiple use cases that warrant hiring a dedicated firm:

Finding the next unicorn: 

Blockchain by itself is an unicorn technology; it started from nothing and has grown tremendously so far. Unicorns like Bitcoin, Ethereum, UniSwap and Axie Infinity are very common here and blockchain investing is very profitable. Hiring a research firm is a worthwhile investment if relevant data improves your chances of selecting an initiative that will provide a great ROI.

Identifying a crypto project's strengths and flaws:

As previously stated, practically everyone who interacts with a project can benefit from more in-depth information on it. Creators and executives have a tendency to get tunnel vision when it comes to their creations, therefore an external review might help them avoid costly mistakes.

Understanding the state of the field

Because everything changes so quickly and everyone perceives things from a different perspective, understanding the blockchain world as a whole is difficult. Professional research can help you avoid biases, find new possibilities, and make decisions based on objective viewpoints. If anything, it can assist you in confirming your own hypothesis.

Get up-to-date on blockchain regulation

Unless you are a rulemaker, you have to follow the existing rules to participate in this field. Existing cryptoasset regulation varies greatly between borders, with large legal gray areas and some partially forbidding some activities while encouraging others in a suddenly changeable manner. A research firm can assist you in determining where to operate, knowing your options for adhering to legislation, determining whether a project is located in a problematic jurisdiction, and much more.

Generalist vs specialist research firms:

There are multiple types of research firms: Specialists will do a better job if your need fits their expertise, such as technology research or market research, whereas generalists are effective when there are too many elements to consider, especially in the early and middle stages of a project's development.


Finding great cryptocurrency research:

Finding good research can be the first step to finding a good research company to hire. You can start by googling for PDFs of reports on your desired subject, reading them and taking note of who produced the best documents. Another recommended practice is following relevant people in crypto in social media, LinkedIn and Medium, taking note of the sources they share and talk about and who they interact with. In general, if something is getting shared by people you trust, it’s probably good material and warrants a further look at it.


Finally, is this research firm a good one?

For starters, research companies that use obscure methods and have little to no publicly displayed previous work are not great. To determine if a research company can provide you with trustworthy, high-quality tailored research, examine its previous work, as well as its team members and partnerships’ history and reputation in the industry.

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