VS Publish0x, review in details of these platforms VS Publish0x, review in details of these platforms

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 26 Sep 2020

Here are two popular blogging platforms that have been in trend since recent months. Each one works differently with its own specificities but the point is that by using these platforms, users can pay you for the creation of content to which you contribute.

Why use these platforms?

Read.cach and Publish0x are two very popular blogging platforms. After registering, you can become a content creator and thus publish articles related or not to the world of cryptocurrency. Once your articles are online on these platforms, users will have the opportunity to "reward you" in the form of a tip for the writing work you have just done. In other words, you are paid for your articles.

How does Publish0x work?

Publish0x is a blogging platform specialised on the theme of crypto and which remunerates not only for writing articles, but also for reading them. Plublish0x is a mainly English-speaking site.

As a reader, every 10min spent on the site, you can support an article by clicking on TIP at the bottom of the page. You have the choice to tip the author of the article, at least 20% of your reward. No need to have crypto to do this support, tips are generated directly by the site and a part is even paid back to you directly for your contribution.

As far as the authors of contents are concerned, you can therefore accumulate tips from readers who have appreciated your article and wish to support you. Put together, your portfolio will grow day by day.

The coins you can currently earn on Publish0x are Basic Attention Token ($BAT), Ether ($ETH), and Loopring ($LRC).


These tips all arrive in your Publish0x account and can be transferred to any ERC20 address. Using exchange wallet is not recommended. The transfer of your tokens is done once a month after validation. Until a few weeks ago, the transfer was possible every week but due to the exorbitant fees on the ethereal network, the publish0x team prefers to change the payments frequency.

How does work?

The crypto highlighted on is the Bitcoin Cash.
Read,cash offers more or less the same functionalities as Publish0x, possibility to publish articles and for the readers to pay you directly.

The big difference is that on this platform, you have a BCH address specific to your account and on which no one can access your portfolio. When you create your account, read,cash creates a bitcoin cash wallet and you are the sole master of the associated private key.


If you lose it, say goodbye to your balance. The team will not be able to restore access to your wallet under any circumstances if you lose your private key.

Concerning tipping system, it is a little different. Readers could simply send you a tip as on publish0x directly on your article, but you could get a bonus from the team based on the blue thumbs and faist comments on your article.

Unfortunately, many abuses have been seen with people who scrupulously create multi-accounts to fool the pay system.'s response has been very interesting, the team has set up an artificial intelligence that moves from article to article and gives tips to content creators up to the total amount of bonuses distributed by the site before the launch of this robot ($500). Its little name is TheRandomRewarder. The remuneration criteria are very selective regarding the plagiarism and relevance of your articles. A way to remedy the profiteers and multi-accounts remunerating themselves.

You can transfer your tokens whenever you wish. In addition, offers to convert your tokens into the crypto of your choice.


Which platform to choose?

Both platforms are very interesting for any content creator who wants his writing work to be showcased. The advantage is that your tips are secure with your private key.

One thing is certain, these are solutions to put content creators and readers in direct contact without intermediaries.


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