Crypto Geo Mining with the COIN App

By CryptoJay | | 18 Aug 2020

Hey  not sure if you heard, but I found this interesting App Called COIN you can find it on the either Apple or Android App Store or join with my referral link:


So whats the App About?

Geo Mining

The App Uses your Phones GPS to locate you on the Map, and based on this you can min the Square which you in. the basic Mining is low at 0.02 Coins  but there are some extra drops once and while with Big mins around 300 Coins, random Airdrops with  +20 Coins and you can earn by viewing short 30s adverts at 10-20 Coins per add 

its a nice fun Game like geoCaching but this time for Crypto and if you're really into it, then you can get Plus or Pro account with a multiplier for the earnings.

The rewards which you can get for the in-App Coins (subject to change an availability):

  • 10.000 coins can be exchanged  for XYO ERC-20 Coin
  • 462.851 coins can be exchanged  for 0.025 BTC
  • 338.800 coins can be exchanged  for 1 ETH
  • 60.000 coins can be exchanged  for a XYO Hat
  • 30.000 coins can be exchanged  for a XYO shirt 
  • 160.000 coins can be exchanged  for a "Cool Wallet-S" Crypto wallet
  • 30.000 coins can be exchanged  for a silver Geohacker Coin
  • and so on ...

So overall not so bad perks for a little GEO location Caching ...

So Get up to 1000 COIN for joining today

with my referral link:

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