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By DocCrypt0 | CypherThugz | 9 Apr 2022

Greetings Cipher Enthusiast, CypherThugz presents our 28th week, 28th Cipher-Puzzle!  This week's game is titled "Help Daiyu Escape".

The International Agency has evidence on Daiyu's brother, so she snuck into the building to dispose of the evidence, but now she's stuck inside and needs your help to escape.  Help her decrypt the passcodes to escape!  

Prize is (CA)35$ worth of Bitcoin to the first player to help Daiyu pass all six barriers.  

A bonus prize of 5,000 $KAPA tokens to all players that participate in the game.  
(Must participate in the "Clue Game" section to quality).  

The Clue Game:

Each day, there will be one clue awarded to the winner of the "Clue Game".
To play, each player must select a "0" or a "1" and a "guess number".
All the 0's and 1's will be put in order of submission, and form a binary number to be converted into base-10.
The player with the "guess number" closes to the base-10 number, without going over will win the daily clue.

To submit your decision for the "Clue Game", you must be a member of the CypherThugz Facebook group, and to direct message "CypherThugz" with your decision (0 or 1) and your "guess number".  

To start the game, please follow the link below:

To participate in the "Clue Game", please join our facebook group:

Must be a member of the CypherThugz Facebook group to claim prize!  

Game starts today, Saturday April 9th 2022 

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I like game theory, tokenomics and futurist concepts.


CypherThugz is an NFT game I created, that rewards players in the $KAPA token, and bonus prizes paid in various other cryptocurrencies. CypherThugz is an adult-themed, online, live-action-role-playing game, where players collect NFTs, solve ciphers, and win cryptocurrency. The game simulates heist scenario’s from the perspective of the CypherThugz, and incorporates real world participation from the player in order to win the game against other competing crews.

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