Solve the Puzzle, Win some Bitcoin

By DocCrypt0 | CypherThugz | 7 May 2022

Welcome crypto & cipher enthusiasts...

CypherThugz would like to present the 32nd Cipher-Puzzle.  This week's theme is "The Music Biz".

Right hand man of the CryptoMob, Panini "Spaghetti" Mozzarella is looking to get into the music business, for the sole purpose of laundering their cash.  Your job is to select one out of six possible (fictional) musical artist to manage, get their music played on one or multiple (fictional) radio stations, and get them signed by the record label.  Of course, it won't be easy, you'll be competing against other 'managers'.  

There's a mix of game theory, and a few cipher's to decode, but there are multiple prizes.  The main prize for getting the artist you select signed is (CA)25$ worth of Bitcoin, with 5 prizes of 100,000 $KAPA (our in-game currency) for getting the artist played on the radio station.  

Come join us in our 32nd game... 

Game Starts Here:
Played between Saturday May 7th to Thursday May 12th 2022.

**Must be a member of the CypherThugz Facebook Group to play (FREE to Join, FREE to Play)

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I like game theory, tokenomics and futurist concepts.


CypherThugz is an NFT game I created, that rewards players in the $KAPA token, and bonus prizes paid in various other cryptocurrencies. CypherThugz is an adult-themed, online, live-action-role-playing game, where players collect NFTs, solve ciphers, and win cryptocurrency. The game simulates heist scenario’s from the perspective of the CypherThugz, and incorporates real world participation from the player in order to win the game against other competing crews.

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