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By DocCrypt0 | CypherThugz | 24 Mar 2022

Greeting cipher enthusiast, 

The $KAPA token is the official game currency of the CypherThugz game.

We're not doing a pre-sale or airdrop, instead we are doing a pre-distribution to players that play the pre-games.

So far we've done 25 pre-games, out of 60. Through out these pre-games we plan to distribute 1% of the total supply of $KAPA.

After the 60 pre-games are complete, the official game app will launch, and players will be required to spend $KAPA to enter the games.

Each week (Starting every Saturday) we do a pre-game, with a prize paid in Bitcoin, or Matic, along with a prize paid out in $KAPA.
The pre-games are FREE to play.

CypherThugz pre-games are played in our Facebook group, and a new game starts every Saturday. Join us at

If you'd like to know more about our token ($KAPA), or read up on the on-going storyline, or just curious about the project, please see our website:

CypherThugz is an online, adult-themed, live-action-role-playing game, where players engage in game theory decision making, solve cipher-puzzles and compete with other players to win crypto. The game simulates heist scenario's from the perspective of the "CypherThugz", a group of free-lance code breakers that get hired by an array of characters.

Aside from the pre-games, and the main game (to be released next year), we're also building a treasure-hunt style game in connection to the CypherThugz game called "The CypherCode", which will incorporate the storyline of the pre-games. This game is being build on the Roblox platform. Also free to play, with prizes paid in $KAPA.  To win solve the puzzles in a free-roam setting.

AND... we bought virtual land in the Pavia metaverse on the Cardano blockchain to further develop beyond the main game app. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about the project, I'd love to discuss.

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I like game theory, tokenomics and futurist concepts.


CypherThugz is an NFT game I created, that rewards players in the $KAPA token, and bonus prizes paid in various other cryptocurrencies. CypherThugz is an adult-themed, online, live-action-role-playing game, where players collect NFTs, solve ciphers, and win cryptocurrency. The game simulates heist scenario’s from the perspective of the CypherThugz, and incorporates real world participation from the player in order to win the game against other competing crews.

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