Why Blockchain?

By Cydrake | Blockchain Game Time | 28 Sep 2023

Who’s Cydrake?


Why Blockchain?


Hi, I'm Cydrake, a systems engineer, geek, nerd, technology fan (I used to fly drones), and someone deeply passionate about blockchain technologies. My specialty lies in CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), and some time ago, I worked with prominent brands configuring various loyalty programs. However, exciting opportunities came my way, and I began working with gaming DAOs like Yield Guild Games and OLA Guild Games.

Over the last three years, I've come to realize the profound impact of blockchain technology and how it's poised to revolutionize various aspects of the world, including:



This is perhaps the most evident area of transformation. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Solana, Avax, and others have introduced a novel financial proposition - decentralization and ownership. You no longer have to endure high banking fees or wait for extended periods when making international payments. This technology simplifies collaboration with projects, companies, or businesses worldwide, regardless of their acceptance of fiat currencies. You can receive payments in stablecoins or your preferred cryptocurrency, and, most importantly, you truly OWN your money.

Loyalty Programs

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We're already familiar with how loyalty programs enhance customer engagement and build brand loyalty. Examples include American Airlines, Starbucks Rewards, and many other renowned brands. With the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), we can now take customer loyalty to the next level through digital collectibles that offer additional benefits to loyal members.

Imagine grabbing your regular coffee or breakfast from your favorite brand and, in addition to the points you earn, receiving a digital collectible that designates you as a premium-level customer. With NFTs, collaborations with various companies become much more feasible. Often, integration with multiple brands can be challenging, but blockchain technology simplifies the process by allowing companies to check the blockchain to identify customers who possess specific NFTs.


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Finally!!! The crème de la crème, GAMES!!! I still indulge in video games, and they serve as my go-to relaxation activity. When I'm feeling down, lonely, or anxious, video games help me temporarily escape from my troubles and inspire me to generate innovative solutions to various problems.

I acknowledge that NFTs had a rocky start, with the proliferation of clicker games during the initial NFT hype (I'll write about the evolution of blockchain gaming in another article). Nevertheless, I believe there's a hidden gem in the gaming industry. If someone can apply the right formula, we might finally achieve true ownership and genuine earnings (in a healthy manner) from all the video games we purchase!

Consider this scenario: you've just acquired the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy Rebirth game and completed it within a week. The developers have programmed the game to reward players who finish it in less than two weeks with a super special NFT for collectors. This NFT unlocks unique features in the next installment of Final Fantasy or, even better, rewards you with a rare collector's figure.

This scenario presents two earning options:

  1. You can sell the super special NFT on secondary markets. Due to its rarity and the exclusive features it unlocks, the NFT's value may increase, potentially allowing you to recoup your initial investment and even profit from it.

  2. You can sell the physical collector's figure bundled with the NFT on various marketplaces. Yes, there are collectors for almost everything!



Hoping you liked my very first article and I'll be glad to share the experience that I've got working with the blockchain technologies and specially with the blockchain games. 

Additionally, my intention is to inform about different blockchain games that might be attractive for all blockchain games enthisiasts as I'am.

Have fun and KEEEEEP PLAYING!!!! 



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Blockchain Game Time
Blockchain Game Time

Cydrake is a geek/nerd enthusiast and believes in the blockchain technology. To be more specific, I believe that the blochchain technology is here to stay and to improve how we interact with financial, entertainment and gaming services. Want to know more about blockchain games? Then visit this blog for the latest blockchain gaming news!

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